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Campaign to Save Student Aid Launches

April 22, 2015

Save Student Aid


​The Student Aid Alliance, a partnership of 77 higher education organizations and institutions recently launched the “Save Student Aid” campaign to increase awareness and spur action against congressional threats to curtail federal student aid programs.

The campaign takes aim at this year’s budget proposal that would freeze the Pell Grant maximum at $5,775 for the next 10 years and make student loans cost at least $3,800 more for students with need.

The “Save Student Aid” campaign’s website offers testimonials from students who rely on student aid to attend college and provides a way for people to reach out to their legislators and tell them why student aid should not be cut.

People can join the campaign’s discussion on the Student Aid Alliance’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts using the campaign hashtag #SaveStudentAid.

For those interested in partnering with the campaign, Save Student Aid Partner Packets are available that include a one-pager on the campaign, a social media content guide, content to post on websites, a sample email to send to audiences and sample social media copy. 

Please contact Megan Cotten for more details.

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