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CPRS Pulse Point

December 30, 1899


​Pulse Point is an occasional, national online survey of college and university presidents conducted by ACE’s Center for Policy Research and Strategy. The purpose of Pulse Point is much like it sounds–an effort to ‘take the pulse’ of our country’s most senior postsecondary leaders on timely topics of interest to higher education and its many stakeholders.

The first Pulse Point was launched in January of 2016. Its aim was to better understand the experiences, perceptions, and reactions of college and university presidents on the timely issue of campus racial climate amidst student protests on campuses nationwide. Click here to read about the survey’s initial findings.

CPRS fielded its second national Pulse Point survey of college and university presidents in February 2018 to better understand leaders’ viewpoints and experiences on the timely issues of campus inclusion and freedom of expression.​ Click here​ to read about this survey's initial findings.

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