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Articulated Institutional Commitment & Administrative Structure

December 30, 1899

Colleges and universities articulate their commitment to internationalization and global engagement through mission statements, institution-wide strategic plans, and internationalization plans. Strategic planning for internationalization requires th​e involvement of stakeholders campus-wide, and may be coordinated by an internationalization task force or committee.


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Mission Statements and Strategic Plans

Barna​rd College​
Barnard College aims to educate students about their local community as well as cultivate active leaders and responsible citizens of the increasingly interconnected, global community.


Duke University
Duke University’s strategic plan describes the six enduring themes that describe and define the institution. They are: interdisciplinarity, knowledge in the service of society, centrality of the humanities and interpretative social sciences, internationalization, diversity, and affordability and access.


Juniata College
Juniata College’s mission states that the institution is dedicated to supporting a quality liberal arts experience and to graduate alumni who will provide service and ethical leadership within the global community.


Kalamazoo College
Kalamazoo College envisions that students will learn in a community that is comprehensively internationalized and provides students with multiple experiences for global learning and leadership.


University of Kentucky (2009-2014)
This document aligns the objectives, strategies, and metrics presented in the University of Kentucky’s 2009 Strategic Plan for Internationalization with the five overarching goals of the campus-wide Strategic Plan 2009-2014. Its purpose is to guide decision-making and resource allocation across the Office of International Affairs, as well as in the international arena campus-wide.


Internationalization Plans

Central Connecticut State University (2010)

This report is the culmination of Central's participation in ACE's Internationalization Laboratory. The document includes an example of international/intercultural competences for CCSU students and a faculty survey on internationalization. The future of internationalization initiatives and the challenges for implementing comprehensive internationalization are also discussed. The report ends with four recommendations for the current internationalization committee.


Indiana University (2015)

The international strategic plan for Indiana University builds on the success of its first international strategic plan (2008) with eight goals  (education abroad, interships, and service learning; student and scholar exchanges; international students; international partnerships and agreements; international development projects; internatinoal network of IU gateways; international alumni; and international education and research).


Juniata College (2009)

The Global Engagement Initiative at Juniata College outlines four areas for improvements in internationalization. They are curricular learning, community learning, experiential learning, and administrative support. The document also addresses concerns regarding funding for internationalization.?


Kennesaw State University (2004)

Kennesaw State University’s internationalization priority timeline lists 10 strategic priorities and the action plan for the next year and for the next three to five years for each priority.


Montana State University (2008)

The internationalization plan for Montana State University begins with a brief analysis of the university’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The document breaks down the goals from the Strategic Vision into sub-goals as appropriate, defines benchmarks to measure progress as needed, and proposes a series of strategies to accomplish the goals.


Seton Hall University (2009)

The Strategic Proposal for Internationalizing Seton Hall University is based on the recommendations of project committees in five areas (Infrastructure, Cultural Initiatives, International Partnerships, Study Abroad, and International Curriculum). Each project group produced a series of strategic goals as well as action steps to meet these goals. This document summarizes the project teams’ efforts as well as attempts to limit the duplication across groups.


St. Catherine University (2010)

St. Catherine's internationalization plan begins by listing six key strengths that exist at the university. The internationalization plan builds on these strengths and puts forth four goals for cultural competence and global perspective, with the intention of developing students' understanding of their place in the world.


University of Kentucky (2009)
The strategic plan for internationalization consists of seven goals for the University of Kentucky along with specific strategies and metrics to measure these goals.


University of North Carolina - Greensboro (2011)
UNCG's internationalization plan is the work of the university's Internationalization Taskforce. This plan provides specific recommendations to the faculty and administration, calling for changes in infrastructure to enhance international education. Additionally, the plan outlines 18 recommendations for comprehensive internationalization and describes five university-wide student learning competencies that UNCG students should have developed by the time of graduation.


University of Richmond (2006)

The University of Richmond’s strategic goals for international education lists five goals as well as the action steps and assessment plan for each goal.


The State University of New York at Buffalo

Titled "The Global Imperative: Making UB an International University", this report shares findings and recommendations of the international strategy task group. Organized under the three headings of student experience, faculty, and institution, the report examines current strengths and weakness in each category and provides recommendations for each.

Xavier University​

Internationalization at Xavier University builds upon the University’s mission and provides a vision for developing, extending and enhancing the range of international initiatives over the next five years. The plan sets priorities and determines initiatives that work best within the overall strategic institutional initiatives.

University of Regina​

This internationalization plan builds on the University of Regina 2015-2020 Strategic Plan include enhancing services and academic supports to assist international and new Canadian students transitioning to Canada, with particular emphasis on English Language proficiency, Canadian culture, and university expectations, as well as fostering international experiences for our students, faculty and staff, including expanding and promoting experiential and service learning opportunities.



Internationalization Committee Charges

Beloit College (2012)

This document describes the role of Beloit College's Committee on International Education. A list of members is included along with recent achievements of the committee.


Central Connecticut State University (2008)

This document outlines the charge and goals of CCU's participation in ACE's Internationalization Laboratory.


Kalamazoo College

This document contains Provost Mahler's charge to the campus leadership team to participate in ACE's Internationalization Laboratory. The document outlines the team's plan and describes the context for the project at Kalamazoo College.


New Mexico State University (2006)

This is a letter from the Provost, William Flores, to the members of the International Programs Advisory Committee explaining his objective to revisit the mission or the charge of the committee as well as soliciting recommendations on whether NMSU should participate in the ACE Internationalization Laboratory program. 


Northern Virginia Community College (2005)

This is a letter from the Executive Vice President, John Dever, to the members of the Internationalization Task Force writing to appoint them to their position and provide them with the charge of the committee. 


Park University (2007)

This document details the charge of the Internationalization and Multicultural Education Committee at Park University broken down into six objectives.


Princeton University

This webpage describes the purpose of Princeton's Council for International Teaching and Research. The council is responsible for managing resources and investing them in international partnerships.


St. Catherine University (2010-2013)

This document describes the role and responsibilities of the Internationalization Council at St. Catherine University. Membership in and function of the council are also included.


University of Iowa (2010)

This is a website on the Task Force on Internationalization and Diversity at the University of Iowa. It details the charge of the Task Force, members of the organization, and updates on its activities. 


University of Wyoming (2011-2012)

This webpage contains a collection of documents related to UW's participation in the ACE Internationalization Laboratory. Included in these documents is a letter of charge from the provost to UW's Internationalization Laboratory Leadership Team. 

Internationalization Committee Websites


Faculty Surveys About International Activities

Central Connecticut State University 

This document allows faculty to assess the level of internationalization within their courses to determine their interest in international issues and the level of integration of internationalization into the curriculum.


Indiana University

The international activities survey enables the university to categorize examples of international activities. Survey categories include activity type, participants, and travel-related details.


Kennesaw State University

Survey of faculty attitudes about internationalization to determine the effectiveness of international programs at KSU.


New Mexico State University

Survey of department heads about international activities in their departments collected during one-on-one interviews.


Northern Virginia Community College

An example of a faculty survey on internationalization from Northern Virginia Community College.


Portland State University

The report of a survey of Portland State University scholars who participate in international teaching or research activities. 


Assessing Internationalization 

Kapiolani Community College Assessing Internationalization Matrix

Kapiolani's matrix for assessing internationalization describes six components of their international education efforts. This is a framework meant to assist in institutionalizing international education or jump-starting a focus group on campus.


Michigan State University and Lansing Community College Report on the Internationalization of Business Schools?

This report focuses on the role of community colleges in international business education. The report concludes with four implications, based on data presented in the paper, for the internationalization of business schools at community colleges.

Collaborations between International/Global
and Diversity/Multicultural Education Units

Alliant International University (CA): Institutional Diversity Plan

Alliant University’s institutional diversity plan sets forth a definition of a “multi-culturally and institutionally competent institution,” and the values, beliefs, and guiding principles it aspires to in order to become such an institution.  The plan includes desired competencies for students, faculty, and staff.


North Carolina State University: At Home in the World Initiative

The At Home in the World Initiative is designed to create synergistic learning environments that empower students. The initiative is an eight-institution collaborative that advances new analytical frameworks, enhance pedagogy, and develop innovative ways of fostering collaboration between internationalization and diversity/multicultural education on campus.


Wagner College (NY): Center for Intercultural Advancement

The purpose of Wagner’s Center for Intercultural Advancement is to create opportunities for intercultural dialogue, share information about different cultures, and assist with strategic initiatives to internationalize and diversify the campus. The Center provides support for international students and students of color and serves as a resource for information about internationalization and diversity.




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