ACE Leadership to Transform Its Suite of Leadership Development Programs
April 18, 2018

​Noodle Partners to Help Design Digital Platform

ACE today announced that as part of revamping the Council's strategic priorities during its centennial year, ACE Leadership will transform its current suite of leadership development programs into a series of regional summits and initiate a robust peer-to-peer online platform and virtual library of content.

ACE will execute the digital portion of the redesign by partnering with Noodle Partners, which helps universities create online and hybrid programs.

“As the collective voice of the nation’s colleges and universities, ACE needs to help prepare our members and model approaches that improve outcomes while lowering costs. Our members want more interactivity, more connection, and fewer time- and cost-intensive visits to our Washington, DC, headquarters,” said ACE President Ted Mitchell. “It’s imperative that we evolve to meet our members’ needs, so building high-quality online communities represents a major effort in this direction.”

A number of these changes will be rolled out in October, and they will grow over the next year in response to the needs of leaders and institutions. The ACE Fellows Program, Moving the Needle Initiative, and ACE Women’s Network will remain three cornerstones of ACE Leadership, and support for these efforts will be enhanced through the redesign.

A key goal of the redesign is to create and support a digitally enabled, peer-led network of higher education administrators to improve institutional efficacy and student outcomes by preparing leaders to address the complex challenges our institutions face. It will employ a model combining both regional and digital components, enhancing ACE’s position as a thought leader in higher education leadership development with a unique focus on equity.

ACE embarked upon these changes after an information-gathering period in which five outcomes became central organizing principles:

  1. ​Equity: ACE’s leadership development programs should work intentionally to serve the higher education community’s goals of achieving leadership equity.
  2. Convenience: ACE members are constrained by time away from campus and travel costs. To better serve its members, ACE Leadership should meet them where they are.
  3. Connections: Participants value the networks created by ACE programming and would like to be able to sustain them and utilize peer-to-peer learning.
  4. Relevance: ACE Leadership should create more opportunities for multiple touch points and use of current pedagogies.
  5. Scope: ACE Leadership programming should help both individuals and institutions.

Noodle Partners is working closely with ACE to build a pedagogically sound, user-focused, and effective solution.

“This initiative will not only help ACE better support higher education leadership,” notes Noodle Partners CEO John Katzman, “but will show that leadership the impact of great online technology and the benefit of creating networks.”

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