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ACE Names 57 Faculty and Administrators to Fellows Program

March 28, 2012



ACE has selected 57 college and university senior faculty and administrators for the 2012-13 class of the ACE Fellows Program. Established in 1965, the ACE Fellows Program—the longest running leadership development program in the United States—focuses on identifying and preparing senior leadership for the nation's colleges and universities.

"We are excited to welcome the new class of Fellows," said Sharon A. McDade, director of the ACE Fellows Program. "The program offers individualized, accelerated learning that advances leadership readiness while building institutional capacity. We are eager to embark on this transformational journey with the members of the class of 2012-13."

The ACE Fellows Program combines retreats, interactive learning opportunities, campus visits and placement at another higher education institution to condense years of on-the-job experience and skills development into a single year.

During the placement, Fellows observe and work with a college or university president and other senior officers at a host institution, attend decision-making meetings and focus on issues of concern. Fellows conduct projects that will contribute to the institutional capacity of their home campuses. Projects have included developing an internationalization process, designing a post-tenure review practice, strategizing a teaching-learning center and crafting a productivity design to support the academic success of first-generation college students.

The Fellows also engage in leadership and management activities to enhance their knowledge about the challenges and opportunities confronting higher education.

The 2012-13 class will bring to 1,799 the number of higher education leaders who have participated in the program since its inception. Of those, more than 300 Fellows have gone on to serve as chief executive officers of colleges and universities. In addition, more than 700 have served at the cabinet level and more than 1,100 have served as provosts, vice presidents or deans.

McDade further commented, "One of the strengths of the Fellows Program experience is the learning community created among class members, which taps the incredible diversity of participants by gender, race/ethnicity, institution type, job function area and disciplinary background. This class also includes international diversity and representation from higher education organizations, creating a powerful learning network that lives well beyond the Fellowship year."

Among the 2012-13 Fellows are an individual sponsored by the F. Marian Bishop Charitable Trust Bishop Fellowship Program; four partially sponsored by Fidelity Investments Fellowship Leadership Development grants; nine partially sponsored by Council of Fellows Fund for the Future grants; one from a U.S. military service academy; two from Latin America; and one from the Middle East.

The F. Marian Bishop Charitable Trust Bishop Fellowship Program is designed to prepare medical faculty, specifically family medicine physicians, for leadership positions at medical schools and academic health centers.

The Fidelity Investments Fellowship Leadership Development* grants are designed to provide financial support to colleges and universities that are resource-challenged to expand the pool of underrepresented populations who participate in leadership development programs connected to the appropriate networks for advancing up the administrative ladder in higher education.

The Council of Fellows Fund for the Future grants are designed to provide stipends to institutions unable to afford the cost of sponsoring an ACE Fellow through financial support from the ACE Fellows Program alumni organization.

MEDIA CONTACT: Erin Hennessy ▪ 202-939-9367 ▪

*ACE and Fidelity Investments are independent entities and are not legally affiliated. The recipients of the Fidelity Investments Fellowships for Leadership Development are selected solely by ACE employees. Fidelity employees are not involved in any way in determining, selecting or approving the recipients or amount of any award. The selection criteria and guidelines for the award may be obtained directly from ACE.

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