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Faculty Issues


Faculty Issues

  • As faculty continue to remain critical components of an institution’s effectiveness and productivity, Presidents and their senior administrators need to foster an environment conducive to faculty retention and continued advancement. ACE has recognized this important issue and has designed programs to assist institutions in preparing faculty for successful careers in academe.

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    Supporting the Culminating Stages of Faculty Careers: Legal Issues

    An ACE White Paper, funded by the Sloan Foundation. Brief History of Mandatory Faculty Retirement, The Nature of Age Discrimination, Voluntary Retirement, Retaliation, Contract Issues in Phased Retirement, Benefits and Age Discrimination, Retirement Incentives and the Safe Harbor, Tax and Other Twists and Turns, and An Operational Lesson in Retirement Incentives.

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    Number and Growth of Faculty, by Gender and Rank: Selected Years (2005, 2007, 2009)

    The Center for Policy Analysis is responsible for the content in ACE Fact Sheets on Higher Education.

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    Literature Review of Faculty Retirement Transitions

    ACE’s Literature Review of Faculty Retirement Transitions for the Sloan Foundation’s Working Longer Program. This 9 page literature review contains 140 references on the topics of retirement, faculty retirement, and managing faculty compositions. Topics include; Faculty Retirement Trends; Implications of an “Aging” Faculty; Faculty Retirement Policies and Programs; Retirement Planning by Faculty; Retirement Intentions of Faculty; Satisfaction and Vitality of Senior Faculty and the Decision to Retire; Retirement Transition Theories; Retirement Transition Experiences; Postretirement Activities, Satisfaction, and Needs; and the Intersections between Institutional and Individual Needs

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ACE Related Programs and Initiatives

Alfred P. Sloan Projects for Faculty Career Flexibility

Alfred P. Sloan Projects for Faculty Career Flexibility

This series of projects highlights and rewards institutions that effectively recruit, retain, and advance faculty in their careers as a means of developing institutional capacity.

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ACE Leadership Academy for Department Chairs

The Academy focuses on strengthening the chair, division head, or program director not only as a unit leader, but also as an academic leader in service to the institution and its mission.

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National Challenge for Higher Education: Retaining a 21st Century Workforce

A campaign to increase the awareness of the positive benefits of workplace flexibility for institutions and their faculties.