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About the Project

​​​​​​​​​​ACE has launched the ACE Apprenticeship Pathways project, in partnership with the Charles Koch Foundation, to expand the range of alternative educational experiences eligible for college credit and better leverage the impact of high-quality apprenticeships.

ACE seeks to foster increased workforce and postsecondary education opportunities for learners who have enrolled in or completed apprenticeship programs. ACE will gather thought partners and industry leaders to establish guidelines, develop clear connections to educational and career opportunities, and evaluate a pilot group of selected apprenticeship programs (participants) for college credit and workplace competencies based on input from institutions and employers.

The results of these evaluations will be represented in ACE-endorsed badges and transcripts on the Credly platform, which translates learners' knowledge, skills, and achievements into digital credentials.

Upon conclusion of the pilot in fall 2021, ACE will open this evaluation service to any apprenticeship program in the country, for a fee. If you are an apprenticeship sponsor interested in a program evaluation, please connect with us today!

Supporting Learners, Employers, and Postsecondary Education Institutions

ACE will work with institutions of postsecondary education and employers to link apprentices with career and educational opportunities. This collaboration will help learners achieve their goals, employers meet their talent needs, and postsecondary education institutions connect with learners. 

Learners: ACE will provide learners with information about institution and employer acceptance of the credentials they have earnedhelping them make informed decisions regarding their next educational or career steps.

Employers: ACE will introduce employers to the ACE Working Transcript as a recruitment and retention tool.

Postsecondary Education Institutions:​​ ACE will assist institutions in developing protocols for meaningful articulation of apprenticeship credits directly t​o degree programs.​

​Project Timeline​

​​​Summer 2020: Apprenticeship Pathways project launches.

Fall 2020: Steering committee forms to guide establishment of apprenticeship evaluation processes and procedures.

Spring 2021: Pilot evaluations begin.

Winter 2021: Tools, resources, microcourses, and networking opportunities with participating institutions on the ACE Engage® platform.

Spring 2022: Apprenticeship evaluation service opens to additional apprenticeship programs, for a fee.

Apprenticeship Pathways Participants

​ACE has selected high-quality apprenticeship programs to participate in a pilot evaluate process. These participants meet strict program requirements to be eligible for evaluation services. Many of these organizations are also recognized by the Department of Labor as a Registered Apprenticeship Program and have met strict industry standards.

The evaluations, conducted in spring 2021, will translate industry national standards, competency frameworks, and workforce processes into postsecondary education credit for institutions to consider when awarding college credit to their learners.

The participants for the Apprenticeship Pathways pilot evaluations include:

Pro​grams that are not among this pilot group may begin participating in evaluation services, for a fee, upon conclusion of the pilot in fall 2021. For more information, please use the form on this page to connect with us today!

Credit-Accepting Institutions

A group of six colleges and universities has agreed to accept credit recommendations from students who complete apprenticeship programs through our pilot. These institutions will develop policies and procedures to promote acceptance of apprenticeship credit recommendations.

Their participation and thought leadership will leverage the impact of apprenticeship programs in education and inform the development of a future connected learning network of apprenticeship providers, learners, and postsecondary institutions. This network will forge stronger connections among apprenticeship providers, learners, and postsecondary institutions, opening doors to enhance educational and career opportunities for learners.

​The institutions participating in the ACE Apprenticeship Pathways pilot include:

Colleges and universities not among this pilot group may still articulate apprenticeship credit recommendations toward degree or certification programs. For more information, please use the form on this page to connect with us today!

Media Coverage
Steering Committee

​The steering committee assists ACE with establishing guiding principles and rubrics to appropriately evaluate apprenticeship programs. Additionally, the committee will make recommendations that promote the adoption of credit for prior learning best practices at postsecondary education institutions.

  • Zach Boren, Urban Institute
  • Anne Hoeltke, American Association of Community Colleges
  • Deborah Kobes, JFF Center for Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning
  • Michelle Mills Ajayi, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor
  • Terry Rhodes, Association of American Colleges and Universities
  • Andrew Tonsing, Charles Koch Foundation
  • Jose Velazquez, Intelligent Partnerships, Inc.
About Learning Evaluations

​ACE's Learning Evaluations seeks to improve the economic mobility of independent learners by connecting traditional and nontraditional educational experiences to meaningful degree and employment opportunities. ACE has been dedicated to lifelong learning for more than 100 years through the contribution of research, alternative education resources, validated learning and evaluations, quality assurance, and thought leadership in the area of credit for prior learning.

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