Fees for Learning Evaluations Reviews

​​​​​​Please note that fees for ACE Learning Evaluations reviews are changing in 2023. If you are an education or training provider interested in a review, contact our partner engagement team today to lock in cur​rent pricing.​

ACE Learning Evaluations offers a variety of review ​​experiences based on the content of the program, type​ of review requested, and length of program. Our Part​​ner Engagement team will work to help you estimate the costs of review prior to undergoing an eligibility visit. Contact us today for more information!

Review Fees

  Credits or Competencies
​Credits and Competencies​
Review Readinessi
Application Processing & Eligibility

$4,000 for new organizationsii

$3,000 for returning organizationsiii
$4,000 for new organizationsii

$3,000 for returning organizationsiii
Review Set Up, Administration, Reviewer Honoraria
$8,000 flat fee for 1–6 courses

$1,300 per course/exam for 7+ courses
$8,500 flat fee for 1​–6 courses

$1,450 per course/exam for 7+ courses
Content Area (as necessary, each)iv $1,000 $1,200

  Courses Content Areas
Number of Content Areas Included
Up to 62
21–​25 5

CREDIT reserves the right to determine if the content and scope of a course is too broad to be treated as a single course. Please consult with CREDIT staff.

Travel Costs

Airfare & Ground TransportationBilled at cost​—economy class
Per Diem, Hotel & LodgingVariesv
ACE Administrative Fee58.35% of travel expenses

The American Council on Education (ACE) assesses an administrative fee on travel costs, for the coordination of travel arrangements. This rate is government negotiated and is required for all onsite reviews and eligibility visits.

Annual Feesvi: National Guide Maintenance, Credly Badging Program, Learner Advocacy & Support

1–25 Courses/Exams$2,100
26–​100 Courses/Exams$3,500
101+ Courses/Exams$6,250

Authorized Instructional Site (AIS) / Authorized Testing Provider (ATP) Fees

​Site Authorization Fee

Organizations already holding AIS or ATP status wishing to include additional locations: $3,000 for the first additional location, $2,000 for the second additional location, and then $1,000 per location.

Organizations already holding AIS or ATP status for one organization and seeking AIS or ATP for additional organizations would be charged a fee of $3,000 for each additional organization.

All AIS or ATP organizations are required to remit annual fees. If an organization already participates in the CREDIT program, only one annual fee is required; however, the annual fee would be based on the total number of courses or examinations covered as a program participant and an AIS or ATP combined.

Under certain circumstances, organizations m​ay be required or given the option to undergo conditional or technical reviews. See the Criteria for Eligibility to Participate for more information.

Conditional Review Pricing

Review Fee (up to 5 courses)$2,500
Per Course Fee (up to 5 courses)$500
Review Fee (6 - 10 courses)$3,500
Per Course Fee (6 - 10 courses)$500

Conditionals must be lifted within 90 days, or courses are not eligible for a credit recommendation and are end dated.

Technical Review Pricing

Review Fee (up to 5 courses)$2,500
Course Fee (up to 5 courses)$800
Review Fee (6–10 coursesix)$3,500
Course Fee (6–10 courses)$800


i. Review Readiness fees are due with the submission of an application and are non-refundable.
ii. May require additional travel costs. Please see travel guidelines.
iii. Organizations whose courses are not reviewed within the required three-year renewal period may be considered a new organization. 
iv. Content areas are determined in cooperation with CREDIT. Please consult with your Alliance or Pathways manager for more information.
v. ACE follows the GSA-approved rates for the city, state, and county where the review takes place to determine the estimated hotel, lodging, and per diem rates for team members.
vi. All participating organizations are required to remit annual fees. The annual fees for new organizations will be prorated during the first year of participation in the program.
vii. $4,375 is due with submission of application and balance $4,375 is due upon receipt of final invoice
viii. If 10+ courses receive conditional reviews, or if half of the total reviewed courses receive conditional recommendations, organization must enter consulting services. Cost of consulting includes honorariums.
ix. If 10+ courses are submitted for a Technical Review, organization will be counseled on the benefits of a FULL review. Benefits of a full review for 10+ courses: If many courses have undergone changes, it's beneficial for an organization to review and extend for another three years rather than undergo a technical and then another review in less than three years.