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January 30
USA Today looks at whether virtual college advising services can help steer more first-generation students toward selective institutions... Inside Higher Ed explores the state of direct college admissions programs... The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the possible sale of the University of Phoenix and what it says about the state of higher education.

First Gen Students Are Missing From the Nation’s Top Colleges. Can Virtual Advising Help?
USA Today | Jan. 29, 2023

Direct Admissions Continues To Grow
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 30, 2023

What a Possible U. Of Phoenix Sale Says About the State of Higher Ed
The Chronicle of Higher Education (sub. req.) | Jan. 26, 2023

January 27
The Biden administration released data giving a state-by-state breakdown of applicants for its student loan forgiveness program amid more questions about the plan's estimated cost, according to The Washington Post, while Bloomberg News reports that the White House is under pressure to develop a backup plan to the program in case it is struck down by the Supreme Court... Inside Higher Ed looks at an effort by the University of Kentucky to train K-12 teachers to teach about the Holocaust, and in a separate story highlights how Syracuse University is bringing indigenous healing to campus.

Data Shows Student Debt Relief Applicants in Each State as Auditors Question Cost
The Washington Post (sub. req.) | Jan. 27, 2023

White House Under Pressure To Develop a Backup Plan on Student Debt Relief
Bloomberg News (Miami Herald) | Jan. 26, 2023

Teaching How To Teach the Holocaust
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 27, 2023

Indigenous Healing Comes to Campus
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 27, 2023

January 26
The Chronicle of Higher Education looks at a new job some colleges and universities are adding: the chief experience officer... The University of Texas will offer a large-scale master's degree in artificial intelligence... Minnesota State has named two presidents.

A New Job Comes to the College Cabinet: Chief Experience Officer
The Chronicle of Higher Education (sub. req.) | Jan. 25, 2023

University of Texas Will Offer Large-scale Online Master’s Degree in A.I.
The New York Times (sub. req.) | Jan. 26, 2023

Minnesota State Chooses Presidents for Two Technical Colleges
Star Tribune (sub. req.) | Jan. 25, 2023

January 25

Marketplace looks at the first-of-its-kind military research contract won by Howard University, as well as the work by ACE and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to make the "R1" Carnegie Classification methodology more inclusive... Arizona State University will soon offer credit-bearing courses that begin on YouTube, reports Inside Higher Ed... The Chronicle of Higher Education explores a new report finding that trauma and social anxiety are both increasing among college students seeking on-campus mental health treatment.

Defense Department Awards Howard University First-of-Its-kind Research Contract
Marketplace | Jan. 24, 2023

Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 25, 2023

Trauma and Social Anxiety Are Growing Mental-health Concerns for College Students
The Chronicle of Higher Education (sub. req.) | Jan. 25, 2023

January 24

Howard University has become the first historically Black institution to lead one of the Pentagon’s 15 university-affiliated research centers, having been awarded a five-year, $90 million contract, reports The Washington Post… The medical schools at Stanford and Columbia universities are withdrawing their cooperation from U.S. News & World Report rankings, pulling out less than a week after Harvard Medical School said it would no longer provide data to the publication… A month after the Taliban abruptly banned women from colleges and universities in Afghanistan, U.S. institutions are trying to help them back into academe any way they can, according to Inside Higher Ed.

In an HBCU First, Howard Awarded $90 Million Military Research Contract
The Washington Post (sub. req.) | Jan. 23, 2023

Stanford Medical School Withdraws From U.S. News Ranking, Expanding Exodus
The Wall Street Journal (sub. req.) | Jan. 24, 2023

Reviving the College Dreams of Afghan Women
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 24, 2023

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