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January 22

President Biden signed an executive order directing the Secretary of Education to develop detailed guidance for colleges, with evidence-based recommendations "on how and when to open," reports Inside Higher Ed . . . Higher Ed Dive writes that one of Biden's first executive actions affirms that gender identity and sexual orientation are protected classes under federal sex discrimination laws, a move likely to have ramifications for colleges . . . The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Biden also extended the pause on federal loans through September . . . Zoom technology adds a new dimension to campus free speech conflicts as the virtual meeting platform has occasionally taken action to remove controversial meetings, according to The New York Times.

Biden Orders Up More COVID Guidance for Colleges
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 22, 2021

Biden's Sex Discrimination Order Likely a Precursor to Title IX Changes
Higher Ed Dive |Jan. 21, 2021

College Graduates Facing Loan Debt Get a Reprieve From Payments Through September in the Pandemic
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Jan. 21, 2021

What Zoom Does to Campus Conflicts Over Israel and Free Speech
The New York Times (sub. req.) | Jan. 22, 2021

January 21

The Chronicle of Higher Education is posting live updates on President Biden’s initial actions related to higher education, while Inside Higher Ed reports on his proposed immigration reforms and The Washington Post writes that the Department of Education will extend the student loan payment freeze through September at President Biden’s request . . . Advanced Placement tests will take prominence as College Board phases out the SAT’s optional essay and subject tests, according to The New York Times . . . The UNC System’s six historically minority-serving institutions can start storing and distributing COVID-19 vaccine vials with new ultra-cold mobile freezers they recently received.​

Higher Ed Under Biden: Live Updates
The Chronicle of Higher Education (sub. req.) | Jan. 20, 2021

Biden Makes Immigration Day 1 Priority
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 21, 2021

After Biden Request, Education Department Extends Pause on Federal Student Loan Payments Through September
The Washington Post (sub. req.) | Jan. 20, 2021

Big Changes to the SAT
The New York Times (sub. req.) | Jan. 20, 2021

With Operation Deep Freeze, UNC Campuses Get Mobile Freezers to Store COVID Vaccines
The News & Observer (sub. req.) | Jan. 20, 2021

January 19

The Washington Post reports that although President-elect Joe Biden promised student debt relief in his economic recovery plan, the $1.9 trillion rescue package released last week does not include any federal loan debt cancellation, worrying advocates . . . Biden will send to Congress an extensive immigration reform bill that includes an eight-year pathway to citizenship on his first day in office, reports ABC News . . . Historically Black colleges and universities received much-needed debt relief from the federal government as part of the recent COVID-19 relief bill, which will allow them to invest in infrastructure improvements, new construction, and student recruitment efforts, writes Inside Higher Ed.

Student Advocates Struck by Absence of Debt Forgiveness in Biden’s Coronavirus Plan
The Washington Post (sub. req.) | Jan. 14, 2021

Biden to Pitch an Eight-Year Pathway to Citizenship in Day 1 Immigration Reform Bill
ABC News | Jan. 19, 2021

Loan Forgiveness ‘Transformative’ for HBCUs
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 19, 2021

January 14

Daniel Greenstein, chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, said in a Spotlight PA interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer and other outlets that he intends to examine the historic roots of racism in state institutions, and also addressed issues such as the challenges faced by the system in dealing with the pandemic and the ongoing plan to merge six of 14 system universities…The Mellon Foundation has given $72 million in grants of up to $5 million each for humanities-focused projects addressing issues of racial justice, Inside Higher Ed reports…The Chronicle of Higher Education looks at the demands of the pandemic on student-affairs professionals.

Head of Pa.’s Public University System to Examine Historic Roots of Racism in State Schools​
The Philadelphia Inquirer (sub. req.) | Jan. 14, 2021

‘Just Futures’
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 14, 2021

They’re Called #TeamNoSleep
The Chronicle of Higher Education (sub. req.) |Jan. 13, 2021

January 13

Higher Ed Dive looks at which states are prioritizing college workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine…Inside Higher Ed explores the public-private alliance announced by Iowa Wesleyan University and Southeastern Community College …University System of Georgia Chancellor Steve Wrigley will retire July 1…Diverse: Issues in Higher Education reports on plans by colleges and universities to celebrate MLK Day.

Which States are Giving College Workers Early Access to the COVID-19 Vaccine?
Higher Ed Dive | Jan. 12, 2021

Public-Private Alliance Called ‘Merger Alternative’
Inside Higher Ed | Jan. 13, 2021

University System of Georgia Chancellor Announces Retirement Plans
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Jan. 12, 2021

A Look at How Colleges and Universities Around the Country Plan to Celebrate MLK Day
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education | Jan. 12, 2021

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