Statement by ACE President Ted Mitchell on the Need for Congress to Act to Protect Dreamers
December 20, 2017

“We are disappointed that Congress by all indications will continue to leave hundreds of thousands of outstanding young people, those bright and talented individuals known as Dreamers, living in fear and uncertainty. President Trump asked Congress to take action to protect Dreamers when he rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and there is strong bipartisan support in both chambers for doing just that. So it is distressing that Congress reportedly will leave Dreamers in limbo as these high-achieving individuals try to make decisions beyond the next few months about their education, jobs, or serving in the military.

Dreamers were brought here as children and, despite the challenges they face, have made incredible contributions to our country and its economy and security. Colleges and universities have seen many of these exceptional individuals up close, in our classrooms and as colleagues and friends. We cannot shut the door to an entire generation of young people who seek only to contribute their best to America, the only coutry they have ever called home.

If this serious issue is not resolved this week, we urge Congress to move swiftly to adopt a long-term solution for Dreamers as lawmakers work to finalize the FY 2018 appropriations process in January.”

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