Missed Our Recent Webinar on HEA Reauthorization? No Problem, See It On ACE Engage.
January 13, 2020

The December webinar, “Whither Higher Education Act Reauthorization?” is now archived exclusively on ACE Engage®, ACE’s online community and learning platform.

Campus decision makers can register for the platform, which is currently complimentary, to access a range of useful resources, including recordings of the Higher Education Act (HEA) Reauthorization webinar and the subsequent ACE Engage-only question and answer session, both hosted by ACE Senior Vice President Terry Hartle and Jon Fansmith, director of government relations at ACE.

The “Whither HEA Reauthorization?” webinar was originally livestreamed to a public audience and the recorded version is available only on ACE Engage. Its purpose was to provide an overview of the prospects for Congress reauthorizing the HEA, which is the main law that governs federal financial aid and other higher education programs. 

After a brief welcome by Hartle, Fansmith opened by providing an up-to-the-minute update and analysis on the FUTURE Act, which was currently under consideration by the House of Representatives during the time of the webinar, and was passed by the House later that day. Hartle and Fansmith then described in detail the House’s proposed bill to reauthorize the HEA, highlighting positive points and potential issues, followed by a look at efforts in the Senate to either pass a comprehensive reauthorization bill or a package of smaller bills. Finally, the webinar looked ahead at how the 2020 election season could impact the legislation and ultimately the likelihood reauthorization happening this year.     

In the “Whither HEA Reauthorization Q&A,” Hartle and Fansmith answered questions submitted by email from those who watched the webinar the day before and submitted through the chat function of the Zoom call in real time. Questions included how free community college programs might impact private universities and four-year institutions, as well as how the House-passed College Affordability Act might change campus-based student aid programs such as work-study and supplemental grants.

ACE Engage users also had the opportunity last week to participate in a discussion about what further topics they would like to hear from ACE’s public policy experts on. Interactive elements make ACE Engage a dynamic learning platform, as higher education leaders interact with their peers and with ACE to shape the conversations around higher education.

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Recordings of “Whither HEA Reauthorization” and the subsequent Q&A are now available on ACE Engage, ACE’s online community and learning platform.

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