Make Sure Your Institution Is Counted in ACE’s 2021 Mapping Internationalization Survey
May 17, 2021

​Will 2021 be a turning point for campus internationalization? That is one of the many questions this year’s Mapping Internationalization on U.S. Campuses aims to answer.

Who Should Complete the Survey?

In March, ACE began to reach out to provosts to collect data for the survey’s fifth edition. Over the coming months, ACE will expand this outreach to senior international officers, institutional researchers, and presidents to obtain as many responses as possible.

ACE wants to hear from all U.S. institution types and we want to hear about all types of internationalization activities, even if you think your campus does not engage in many. Click here and fill out the survey inquiry in the sidebar to see if your institution has participated in the survey yet.

What to Expect From This Year’s Survey

In line with ACE’s new comprehensive internationalization model, there will be a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The survey tracks qualitative and quantitative data and will provide a longitudinal look at U.S. internationalization as the fifth iteration of the survey in 20 years. Taking the past year’s events into account, the survey will explore changes in internationalization trends due to COVID-19 by institution type.

Impact of COVID-19

The data collected in 2021 will provide essential insights into the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on international education. Questions the survey aims to answer include:

  • Has the COVID19 pandemic affected institutions’ long-term internationalization strategies?
  • What are the top priorities for internationalization moving forward?
  • How have institutions provided support to international students during the pandemic?
  • Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected efforts to expand virtual exchanges to encourage global learning opportunities?
  • Has the pandemic affected efforts to internationalize institutions’ undergraduate and/or graduate curricula?

To ensure a robust and representative survey, be sure your institution participates!