Archived ACE Webcast on Impact of Federal Overtime Regulation on Higher Education Now Available
June 29, 2016

The June 17 ACE webcast discussing the potential challenges campuses will face in implementing the new Fair Labor Standards Act overtime pay regulation is now archived and available for free viewing. 

The new federal rule, which goes into effect Dec. 1, raises the salary threshold to $47,476 from its current level of $23,660. As a result,  many lower level, salaried employees will become hourly workers eligible for overtime pay. Among those workers likely to be impacted are a wide array of non-faculty employees, including athletic coaches and trainers, admissions recruiters and student affairs officers.

The 90-minute webcast featured a four-person panel of experts and provided insights and context into the ramifications of the new overtime rule for senior leaders from campus function areas such as human resources, student affairs and business offices.

Click here to view the webcast.