Coming Soon: ACE Webinars on Final Title IX Rule and Proposed Expansion of Foreign Gift and Contract Reporting Requirements
Published: November 25, 2019

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The Department of Education (ED) is expected sometime in January or February to issue a final rule that significantly amends the department's existing Title IX campus sexual assault regulations.

Given the importance of this final rule and the intense interest among various campus stakeholders, ACE will be aiming to provide a “just in time" webinar within 2-3 days of the final Title IX rule's release. 

Offering public policy, legal and student affairs perspectives, ACE General Counsel and Vice President Peter McDonough and Director of Government Relations Anne Meehan, along with attorney Amy Foerster and Wake Forest University's Penny Rue, will deliver an overview of key provisions and takeaways for presidents, chancellors, general counsels, Title IX coordinators, government relations, student affairs and HR professionals, and other senior campus leaders with Title IX responsibilities.

The precise day and time of the Title IX webinar will be announced when the final rule is released. Please click here for more information and to request registration information as soon as the Title IX webinar is formally scheduled. Email questions to

Foreign Gift and Contract Reporting Information Collection Webinar

Meanwhile, ACE also will conduct a webinar providing an overview of ​ED's proposed massive expansion of the requirements pertaining to foreign gift and contract reporting under Section 117 of the Higher Education Act (HEA). This problematic enlargement of federal oversight comes via the department's Sept. 6, 2019, proposed information collection request, which reaches well beyond the scope of the law.

ACE Senior Vice President Terry W. Hartle and ACE Director of Government Relations Steven Bloom will discuss what is in the proposed information collection and how it could impact colleges and universities, as well as ways campus leaders may engage with OMB and others to communicate concerns. 

This webinar will be valuable for presidents, provosts, general counsels, government relations officers, vice presidents of research, CFOs/ chief business officers, development officers, and any other campus leaders who are concerned with foreign gift and contract issues.

The foreign gift and contract reporting requirements webinar will be held within 10 days of OMB posting the final proposed information collection. This could happen later this year or in early 2020, after OMB receives it from ED, and will touch off a 30-day comment period. 

Click here for more information about this pending webinar and to request registration information as soon as it is formally scheduled. Email questions to​