ACE Revamps Comprehensive Internationalization Model, Unveils Learner Success Model
December 07, 2020

​Two new strategic models outline ACE’s approach to comprehensive internationalization and learner success. They are now being used by the participants of the ACE Internationalization Lab and the ACE Learner Success Lab to guide their work and were unveiled at the opening meetings of the 2020 cohorts of both Labs in October.

The new comprehensive internationalization model is an upgrade of ACE’s previous model that guided the Internationalization Lab process for many years. The model identifies six target elements that need attention and resources for internationalization efforts: institutional commitment and policy; leadership and structure; curriculum and co-curriculum; faculty and staff support; mobility; and partnerships.

Added to those elements now are three strategic lenses: diversity, equity, and inclusion; agility and transformation; and data-informed decision-making. The new model also explicitly focuses on teaching, research, and service.

ACE’s comprehensive internationalization efforts for institutional transformation were integral in the foundation for the Learner Success model (PDF). Like internationalization, learner success requires prioritization and integration throughout an institution, so the same six target elements are included. Likewise, the same three strategic lenses apply. Unique to the Learner Success model is its core: the words “learner success” surrounded by completion, life design, and career readiness represent ACE’s broadened definition of learner success.

As ACE’s Transformation Lab suite grows, these new models demonstrate the parallels between these two institutional change processes and the unified approach that ACE employs. ACE’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the importance of creating an evidence-based culture have spurred the development of these updated frameworks for institutional transformation, thanks to insight from member colleges and universities.