Address Student Mental Health Crisis With Regional Peers
January 23, 2019

College and university leaders from across campus roles—from presidents and provosts to athletics directors to student affairs and health center professionals—can make a difference in the growing student mental health crisis. The ACE South Winter Summit, Feb. 7-8 in New Orleans, is dedicated to helping senior leaders address this serious problem in a proactive and effective manner.

Just two weeks remain—register now to attend. 

According to the University of Michigan’s 2016-17 Healthy Minds Study, eleven percent of college students surveyed seriously thought about attempting suicide in the past year. Of this percentage, 1 in 20 made a plan to carry it out. Three out of 10 have struggled with depression, and over 1 in 4 have expressed issues with anxiety. 

Mental health can affect the ways in which students engage within an institution and have significant implications on the safety and security of the campus learning environment. Institutional leaders must be prepared to address this crisis within the campus context and create a supportive community in which all students can succeed and achieve their goals. 

During presentations and small group discussions, participants will learn from experienced thought leaders, share best practices with regional colleagues, and experiment with new ideas to plan effective future responses. Agenda items include:

  • A deep dive into student demographics. This discussion on national and campus trends will provide context for leaders to discuss mental health as a campus priority, while considering the potential impact on student success, diverse student populations, and resources.
  • A “boots on the ground” panel of individuals who have the most regular interactions with students. Participants will gain an understanding of the steps, resources, and intricacies involved in direct support for students with mental health conditions.
  • An exploration of existing campus services and delivery models. Panelists will discuss successful approaches and share insight into strategies and considerations for developing a comprehensive mental health support program using existing resources.
The agenda can be found here.

Please note that ACE has decided for this initial round of Regional Summits to consolidate the ACE West and ACE South Summits. Those interested in attending can register now for the ACE South Winter Summit, Feb. 7-8 in New Orleans.

The inaugural Regional Summit took place Oct. 11-12 in Atlanta on the topic of freedom of expression and inclusion at colleges and universities. See here for a recap. 

With additional questions or comments, please contact ACE’s Leadership office at 202-939-9376.