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ACE Internationalization Laboratory

December 30, 1899



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The Internationalization Laboratory provides customized guidance and insight to help colleges and universities achieve their internationalization goals. To date, more than 100 institutions​ have participated in the program. 

Working closely with ACE experts​, participating institutions:

  • Assemble an internationalization leadership team on campus.
  • Analyze current internationalization activities and articulate institutional goals.
  • Formulate a strategic action plan to take internationalization efforts forward. ​
​Participating institutions also have access to:

  • On-campus site visits by ACE staff, involving a roundtable discussion with the leadership team and key stakeholders to facilitate dialogue, define key questions and issues, clarify goals, and build support for the internationalization process.

  • Three meetings of the entire Internationalization Laboratory cohort, hosted by ACE in Washington, DC.​

  • Regular contact with and guidance from ACE advisors as the campus conducts its review, analyzes findings and develops its action plan.

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"Our team has learned so much during the Internationalization Laboratory process, both through the materials that we gathered from ACE and through the deeper knowledge we have gained about our own terrain in terms of internationalization. The Strategic Plan for Internationalization is the first such plan for our institution, and thus a document of practical as well as historical importance. Your process has allowed us to achieve greater maturation and cohesiveness in our thinking. Now we turn our ideas into action!"

-- Mark Heckler, President, Valparaiso University​

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ACE Internationalization Laboratory Cohort

The application process will open in January 2019 - stay tuned for details. 

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