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ACE COIL Leadership Academy

A 2-day professional development seminar in Washington, DC for leadership teams interested in establishing collaborative online international learning (COIL) programs on their campuses

April 27, 2017

The 2017 ACE COIL Leadership Academy was a 2-day professional development seminar in Washington, D.C. for leadership teams interested in establishing collaborative online international learning (COIL) programs on their campuses. COIL is an innovative method developed by the SUNY COIL Center for delivering global learning and intercultural experience involving teaching and learning among faculty and students in two or more countries facilitated by online technology. Higher education institutions throughout the United States and worldwide have incorporated the COIL approach as part of a comprehensive internationalization strategy. The agenda from the 2017 ACE COIL Leadership Academy can be accessed here. (PDF) 144 KB

To learn more about the academy, read this HENA story and article at the Educause blog.

This program was offered in collaboration with the COIL Consulting. For more information, contact,


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Price: $700 per person or $1800 for 3-person teams 

Discounts are available to representatives of HBCUs and other MSIs.


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National Center for Higher Education, One Dupont Circle NW, Washington, D.C.

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