Benefits of Learning Evaluation

​Why Learning Evaluations?

​​​​​The American Council on Education Learning Evaluations (formerly CREDIT®) program connects noninstitutional learning to educational and employment opportunity. Employers can provide an employee benefit that improves their bottom line through satisfaction, retention, and upskilling. As competition in workplace learning continues to intensify, Learning Evaluations gives organizations an edge by validating their training programs and offering enhanced educational benefits to their employees. 

Certification and education providers can connect their programs with accredited degree programs at colleges and universities or to skills and competencies relevant to their students’ career goals. Through a partnership with Credly, the American Council on Education (ACE) provides digital credentials that students use to share their accomplishments and advertise your organization's training programs on social media.

​How Does Learning Evaluations Work?

A Learning Evaluations review is conducted by highly specialized faculty evaluators who review an organization's workplace learning programs according to established criteria. Training programs that meet the appropriate standards receive college credit recommendations, which colleges and universities use to award credit. Evaluations can also identify workplace-relevant competencies and document them through digital badges.

To get started with ACE Learning Evaluations, follow these steps:

1. Determine Eligibility to Participate

Learning Evaluations Criteria of Eligibility (2.8 MB PDF) are used to determine whether an organization’s educational program is compatible with evaluation standards. Organizations are required to demonstrate that they continue to meet the eligibility criteria in order to maintain participation in the program every three years.

2. Consult with ACE Learning Evaluations team

Fill out a quick contact form, and ACE's Learning Evaluations team will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your organization’s eligibility. During the consultation, ACE will confirm eligibility and obtain any additional information required to move forward with the application process.

3. Eligibility Visit

Prior to scheduling an evaluation, each organization must participate in an eligibility meeting to verify that training materials are prepared for a Learning Evaluations review. This is usually conducted at the organization’s headquarters and is led by ACE staff.  

From the time when an application is submitted, it takes approximately 90 days to complete a Learning Evaluations review.

​What Are the Benefits of Learning Evaluations?

With ACE Learning Evaluations, training providers can:

  • Utilize the distinguished ACE brand to gain national recognition of quality training.
  • Recruit and retain employees by providing greater access to higher education.
  • Offer students pursuing higher education a flexible, portable, and efficient transfer of credits.
  • Document skills and competencies developed through training and other educational activities.

 The ACE National Guide

Discover corporate training, certifications, exams, and alternative educational programs with ACE credit recommendations and validated competencies.

The National Guide