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Who We Are

​The ACE Women's Network Executive Council (WNEC) supports state networks through mentorship, leadership development and as a liaison between the network and the American Council on Education (ACE). The Council advises ACE on issues pertaining to the overall functioning of the ACE Women's Network and women's leadership needs in higher education. Members also serve as speakers and facilitators at ACE and state network events.

The Women's Network Executive Council in 2018

2018-2019 Women's Network Executive Council | Left to Right: Debbie Sydow, Marsha Krotseng, Madlyn Hanes, Maria Gallo, Deborah McCreery, Karen Schuster Webb, Ellen Kabat Lensch, Evie Myers, and Margaret Drugovich.

Our Regions


The name of the WNEC has changed, however they have largely functioned under the same mission. The WNEC started out in 1979 as the Senior Associates of National Identification Program (NIP). Associates were past presidents and served as mentors for women within the NIP program. The group was originally funded by the Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education. In 1991 they were named the National Executive Board of NIP and their mission was established to “promote cross fertilization among the state programs and increase the available support of their efforts" (Shavlik, 1991). The leadership of the WNEC helped to establish initiatives such as Moving the Needle and the Women's Leadership Legacy Fund.


Term ending June 30, 2021

Maria Gallo*
Delaware Valley University
Assistant: Kristen Olszewski (

Judy K. Sakaki* (Chair)
Sonoma State University 
707-664-2156 |
Assistant: Samantha Graham (

Yves Salomon-Fernandez*
Greenfield Community College 
617-447-6514 |
Assistant: Shannon Larange (

Term ending June 30, 2022

Elizabeth Davis
Furman University
864-294-2100 |
Assistant: Cindy Alexander (

Jessica Egbert*​ 

Kimberly (Kim) Lee*
Vice President for Special Projects
Southern Crescent Technical College
(770) 229-3267 |

Carolyn Stefanco*
Senior Vice President
Lindauer Global

* With the possibility of a second 3-year term. NOTE: The WNEC term year is July 1-June 30

Madlyn Hanes
Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses and Chancellor, University College
The Pennsylvania State University
814-863-0327 |
Assistant: Melanie Ekdahl (

Luoluo Hong
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
California State University
562-951-4732 |
Assistant: Jolene Colman (

Marsha V. Krotseng
HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College
304-327-4030 |

Deborah McCreery
Assistant Dean for Advancement
Temple University Beasley School of Law

Karen Schuster Webb
Union Institute and University 
513-784-1217 |
Assistant: Susan Grace (​


​The Women's Network Executive Council serves in an advisory capacity to the American Council on Education (ACE) on issues pertaining to the ACE Women's Network and women's leadership in higher education. The WNEC supports the state networks by serving as liaisons to the state network chairs and by providing guidance and advice for strengthening state planning boards and the overall vitality of the state network.

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