Statement by ACE President Ted Mitchell on Trump Administration Decision to Rescind Guidelines on Race in College Admissions
July 03, 2018

​​​“At a time when our society grows ever more diverse and the need for engagement with individuals from other backgrounds is vitally important, the federal government should not threaten colleges and universities in their efforts to construct inclusive campuses. Today, the Trump administration is sending precisely the wrong message to institutions that are committed to following four decades of Supreme Court precedent.

Higher education is our nation’s preeminent engine of economic and social mobility. The fact that diversity increases educational effectiveness is proven social science. Colleges and universities are working every day to ensure that students are collaborating with their peers from different backgrounds. 

This summer marks the 40th anniversary of Bakke v. University of California, the first time that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the consideration of race in admissions. And as recently as two years ago the Supreme Court reaffirmed that the educational benefit of a diverse student body is a compelling government interest. 

Colleges and universities that consider race and ethnicity as one factor in a holistic admissions review are committed to following the law of the land. And make no mistake, this is the law of the land. Today’s announcement does not change that.”

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