ED, ACE Resources Can Assist Campus Leaders During 2024 Election Cycle
March 15, 2024

​The Department of Education (ED) has a new resource for campus leaders to help ensure students can access information for engaging in the electoral process. 

The department's student voting toolkit, part of its work to implement President Biden’s 2021 executive order on Promoting Access to Voting, aims to provide guidance and strategies to promote student voter participation.

Another resource for campus leaders continues to be an updated issue brief ACE released in October to help colleges and universities manage their obligations and other matters related to student voting and understand the rules regarding campus political campaign activities.

The ACE issue brief suggests steps colleges and universities can take to enable students to cast their ballots, as well as to fulfill schools’ obligations under the Higher Education Act. It also emphasizes that institutions should take care to ensure that the voting resources offered to their students are nonpartisan and that their communications with students are offered and received that way.