Join the ACE Agile Administrator Program to Meet the Challenge of Leading in a Changing Environment
July 01, 2021

​Registration is now open for Agile Administrators, ACE’s new, first-of-a-kind program combining self-paced and social online learning with the opportunity to earn a microcredential to support the professional growth of innovative higher education leaders.

Developed in partnership with a coalition of experts and organizations dedicated to advancing innovation and institutional transformation, the program supports leaders of agile innovation in three ways:

  1. Learning Pathways are composed of self-paced, five-minute modules of multimedia content and activities exploring key mindsets, strategies, and techniques that allow leaders to learn in the flow of work at their own pace.
  2. Learning Circles are facilitated groups of six-to-ten peers who learn from and with each other as they implement agile innovation on campus. Circles meet weekly for an hour focusing on reflection and learning in conversation.
  3. The ACE Certified Agile Administrator Microcredential, a powerful statement about capability to lead creative change, is earned through composing and defending a digital portfolio representing philosophy and accomplishments as a leader of innovation in higher education.

Participants will grow in six competencies essential for agile leadership:

  1. Mindset - Think differently about framing problems, taking risks, making decisions, and creating value.
  2. Mapping - Understand your institution’s external drivers and internal opportunities and constraints in relationship to student experience.
  3. Managing - Form and support cross-functional teams and build shared leadership structures.
  4. Making - Lead rapid iterations of ideation, design, and real-world testing of innovative solutions.
  5. Mission and money - Understand how to connect resources to organizational learning and strategy to advance institutional mission and values.
  6. Movement and momentum - Tell your story and build truly collaborative relationships with potential champions, capacity builders, and stakeholders to institutionalize innovation.

The Mindset pathway is currently available, and new pathways and learning circles will be launched monthly between July and October 2021. Early adopters will receive a 50 percent discount on their subscription, and scholarships are also available.

With questions or for more information, reach out to or 202-939-9731.

​Agile Administrators