Continuing the Conversation on Race and Crisis at a Crossroads
November 30, 2020

​ACE has produced a series of videos and a key takeaways toolkit to build on the dialogue begun at ACE’s June 2020 virtual summit, “Race and Crisis at a Crossroads.”

The content is hosted on ACE Engage®, ACE’s peer-to-peer online community and learning platform. To access the videos and toolkit, follow the links and sign in or create an Engage account.

In the first video, Robin Matross Helms, assistant vice president of learning and engagement at ACE, interviews Adrianna Kezar about the racial issues campuses are dealing with during the pandemic. Kezar is a Wilbur Kieffer endowed professor and dean's professor of leadership at the University of Southern California.

The second video features an interview between Ashley Gray, ACE senior research analyst, and Sharon Fries-Britt, professor of higher education at University of Maryland College Park, on the ongoing need for leaders and campuses to focus on building capacity to continuously engage with racial equity issues.

For third video, Gailda Pitre Davis, senior director and chief of staff of professional learning at ACE, interviews Kevin McDonald, vice president for diversity, equity, and inclusion at University of Virginia, on the importance of what happens after a racial crisis.

A recording of the June summit can be found here. Additionally, ACE has compiled a toolkit titled “Action Steps Toward Racial Healing: Key Takeaways From ACE​’s Virtual Summit.” The toolkit focuses on lessons learned from the summit, the importance of campus context, what recovery looks like, the qualities of a “weaver-leader” who validates and encourages others participating in the recovery process, and how to navigate diversity, equity, and inclusion going forward.

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