Statement by ACE President Ted Mitchell on Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding
February 10, 2021

​​​​“We welcome the inclusion by Chairman Scott and the House Education and Labor Committee of nearly $40 billion in this reconciliation legislation for students and higher education institutions, money that is badly needed to help address the financial devastation and economic dislocation caused by the pandemic. However, the situation facing students and colleges and universities—public and private, small and large, urban and rural—continues to be a crisis of almost unimaginable magnitude, and at least $97 billion in critical needs were left unaddressed by the COVID-19 relief legislation approved in December.

Colleges and universities have been overwhelmed by the pandemic, facing precipitous declines in revenues and soaring new expenses, and at least 650,000 jobs on campuses already have been lost even as institutions are stepping forward as testing, quarantine, and vaccination centers. Millions of students and families are struggling financially, trying to cope with lost jobs or reduced wages.

The money provided in this legislation will be very helpful to institutions and students and families. In addition, the committee included critical provisions ensuring that institutions have the flexibility to address all their students’ needs; that appropriate oversight measures such as the 90/10 rule are applied to these emergency funds; and that all nonprofit institutions are eligible to participate.

We look forward to working with lawmakers and the Biden administration as the bill moves forward. But we continue to stress that additional federal assistance, either now or in a future emergency relief measure, is needed to address the shattering impact of the pandemic on students and colleges and universities.”

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