New ACE Report Outlines Strategies for Supporting International Students Throughout Lifecycle
February 12, 2021

​​​ACE today released a report titled “Toward Greater Inclusion and Success: A New Compact for International Students.” It proposes key strategies and practical approaches for institutions to establish lifelong relationships with international students and to ensure that they not only thrive academically and socially while on campus, but are also well prepared for careers and life upon graduation.

Grounded in sustainability, equity, and humanism and based on an extensive review of previous research and emerging good practices, the report defines success in terms of student, institutional, and societal outcomes. Click here to view the full report.

“Coming at a time of changing U.S. immigration policy and the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout, this report can help institutional leaders commit not only to attracting greater numbers of international students, but to a new vision of equity, inclusion, and support,” said ACE President Ted Mitchell.

The report outlines the foundation and vision for what a new compact with international students would look like and then lays out a framework for how to achieve it. For example, the report highlights the importance of effective information delivery and maps out various types of information students need access to, from admissions procedures and visa processes to what to expect in the classroom to how to stay connected as alumni. It also suggests involving international students in developing and designing orientation materials and investing in career advising to assist international students in securing employment or research opportunities post-graduation, among many other recommendations.

“International students play a critical role in facilitating global learning for all students and bring many benefits to their host campuses and local communities; their success is our success,” said Robin Matross Helms, assistant vice president of learning and engagement at ACE and one of the authors of the report.

The report formed the basis of discussion at the ACE/AIEA Internationalization Collaborative 2021 which took place virtually earlier today. Scholars, campus leaders, practitioners, and students spoke at the event, unpacking the vision for international student success and essential elements for inclusion and success outlined in the report.