ACE President Molly Corbett Broad Statement on Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin Decision
June 23, 2016

"We are extremely gratified that the United States Supreme Court has reaffirmed that the educational benefit of a diverse student body is a compelling government interest that allows for narrowly tailored consideration of race and ethnicity as one factor in a holistic admissions review. This now makes the fourth time in four decades that the Supreme Court has squarely upheld this vital principle. 

Importantly, today's decision also underscores the considerable deference owed to American colleges and universities in defining the intangible characteristics, like student body diversity, that are central to each institution's identity and educational mission. 

American colleges and universities vigorously strive to create such diverse campus environments as appropriate to each of their academic missions and educational objectives—but while individual higher education institutions may find different ways to reach that objective, they have the common goal of admitting and supporting a student body whose varied backgrounds and perspectives foster exceptional learning. There are many important benefits that flow to students placed in such a diverse setting, from better learning outcomes to greater cross-racial understanding that helps to break down stereotypes. 

This ruling safeguards an important means of achieving the diverse educational tableau needed in order to forge a challenging academic environment that produces students well-equipped to flourish in today's complex and global society."