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FRIDAY BUZZ: Executive Order Targets Deceptive College Recruiting Practices Aimed at Veterans

April 27, 2012

White House through columns


​President Obama’s executive order aiming to protect veterans from deceptive recruiting practices the White House charges are employed by some for-profit colleges generated a slew of headlines today.

Obama visited Fort Stewart in Georgia Friday morning to sign the order, which requires institutions to provide more information about a range of issues to potential student veterans and military family members before registering them for classes. For instance, the White House says that some colleges encourage veterans to sign up for costly institutional loans when lower-cost federal student aid is available.

There have been other complaints about fraudulent marketing practices targeting veterans and military family members that have access to GI Bill education benefits, and several pieces of legislation addressing the issue are pending on Capitol Hill. The Obama administration says the executive order is designed to put requirements in place that so far have stalled in Congress.

The organization representing many for-profit colleges, the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), criticized the president for bypassing Congress.

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