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December 30, 1899


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Leadership & Advocacy News

  • August 17, 2018

    Today's Headlines

    HEADLINES: Today's Top Higher Education News

    NPR writes that New York University's School of Medicine will offer full scholarships to all current and future students in its doctor of medicine program . . . Students in a Rutgers University study indicate pay doesn't matter in selecting a major...

  • Institutional Capacity

    August 13, 2018

    Fellows talk

    Fellows Kick Off a Year of Work at Opening Retreat

    In Richmond last week on the historic public research campus of Virginia Commonwealth University, the 2018-19 class of the ACE Fellows gathered for their Opening Retreat.

  • Student Mobility

    August 07, 2018

    ACE Calls for the Release of Princeton Graduate Student Xiyue Wang

    Xiyue Wang was detained two years ago and unjustly imprisoned in Tehran while in Iran solely for the purpose of studying Farsi and doing scholarly research in connection with his dissertation on 19th and early 20th century Eurasian history

  • Institutional Capacity

    July 30, 2018

    Stairs leading up

    How Far Can the ACE Fellows Program Take You?

    The application for the 2019-20 ACE Class of Fellows is now open. This unique program condenses years of on-the-job experience and skills development into a single year to prepare senior leaders to serve American colleges and universities.

  • Higher Education Act

    July 24, 2018

    Graduation cap on books

    House Democrats Unveil Higher Education Act Reauthorization Bill

    House Democrats have introduced their own plan to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, the sweeping law governing federal financial aid and other programs that support higher education in the United States.

  • Veterans Legislation

    July 23, 2018

    Saluting soldier silhouettes

    Forever GI Bill Set to Go Into Effect in August

    Provisions of the Forever GI Bill are scheduled to go into effect Aug. 1, as the Department of Veterans Affairs continues to work on systems and procedures that will help student veterans and campuses access the new benefits for the fall semester.

  • Racial/Ethnic Minority Students

    July 05, 2018

    Hand holding pen to document

    Education Department Reverses Obama-era Guidance on Diversity in Admissions

    The Trump administration has rescinded a number of Obama-era guidance documents that outlined how colleges can consider race as a factor in admissions, a move ACE President Ted Mitchell said sent “precisely the wrong message to institutions that are...