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Members of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Global Engagement

December 30, 1899


​"Our nation has some of the best higher education institutions in the world. Even so, our young adults are behind their counterparts in Canada, Japan and Korea on educational attainment, and although we're still the top destination for international students, our market share is slipping. For our graduates and economy to thrive, and to make the biggest leaps forward in research, U.S. higher education has to step up its collaboration beyond national borders."

"This report is about the massive, tectonic change that is occurring around the world today, with both opportunities and challenges for American higher education in all of its sectors. The report adds a key inflection point for the role of various sectors of American higher education in meeting the opportunities and challenges of a world without borders."   

  • John Sexton (Chair) - President, New York University
  • Joseph E. Aoun - President, Northeastern University
  • Molly Corbett Broad - President, American Council on Education
  • Glyn Davis - Vice Chancellor, The University of Melbourne
  • John J. DeGioia - President, Georgetown University
  • Judy Genshaft - President, University of South Florida
  • Richard N. Haass - President, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Cornelius M. Kerwin - President, American University
  • Jeffrey S. Lehman - Dean of the School of Transnational Law, Peking University
  • Professor Dieter Lenzen - President, University of Hamburg
  • Simon Marginson - Professor of Higher Education, The University of Melbourne
  • Jane Dammen McAuliffe - President, Bryn Mawr College
  • Roderick J. McDavis - President, Ohio University
  • James B. (J.B.) Milliken - President, University of Nebraska
  • Eduardo J. Padrón - President, Miami Dade College
  • Daniel S. Papp - President, Kennesaw State University
  • Leon Richards - Chancellor, Kapi'olani Community College
  • Lou Anna K. Simon - President, Michigan State University
  • Nigel Thrift - Vice Chancellor, University of Warwick

Note: Institutional affiliations are for identification only. Members of the Panel participated as individuals and not on behalf of their institutions.



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