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Institute for Leading Internationalization 2018 FAQs

December 30, 1899









































June 10-12, 2018
  • Program begins on Sunday evening at 5:00 pm
  • We will adjourn no later than 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 12th.


Washington, DC metro area (Details will be available in October.)

Program Fees

Payment of Fees

  • Once you are accepted into the Insitute, and you have confirmed your participation, you will be billed for the fees, which can be paid by credit card or check. 

Included in the program fee

  • Dinner on Sunday, June 10th
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Monday, June 11and Tuesday, June 12th

Not included in the program fee

  • Airfare
  • Parking
  • Hotel room
  • Dinner on Monday evening

How do I find out if I am an ACE Member?

  • ACE Members will receive a discounted registration.  Visit our Members will receive a discounted registration.  Visit our Membership Directory on the ACE website to find your institution. Membership is held with the president’s office of your institution.

What are your selection criteria?

  • We are looking for a range of institutions to be represented and will look at institutional type and size.
  • We will also consider the level of experience of the applicant.

I’m not sure if I should apply this year because my institution is in transition/my position is changing/etc….

  • If you are unsure if you should apply, please contact us directly via phone (202-939-9460) or email ( and we can address your specific concerns.

Can more than one person apply from an institution?

  • Yes, we will consider multiple applications from the same institution.
  • We offer a 50% discount for the second person from your institution.

What is the “nomination letter process”?

  • After you submit the application, a request will be sent to the person you listed as your immediate supervisor. He or she will then need to submit a letter of nomination to ACE.

Is there a maximum number of accepted applicants for this program?

  • We are capping the maximum at 22 participants.

How soon after applying will I find out if I have been accepted into the Institute?

  • We anticipate notifications will be sent one week after the deadline. For the April 1st deadline, you will be notified starting April 20th. For the May deadline, you will be notified starting May 8th.


What are the learning outcomes of the program?

Participants who complete the ILI will be able to:

  • Apply a comprehensive, versatile model of internationalization to the unique challenges and opportunities at their institution.
  • Work more effectively with their executive leadership by acquiring a more strategic approach to internationalization.
  • Raise the visibility and importance of international goals by integrating them into their institution's overall mission.

Who are my classmates?

  • Your classmates will be fellow campus internationalization leaders. Their titles will range from dean to senior international officer to director, depending on the structure of the institution.

Is there any preliminary work prior to the start of the Institute?

  • You are required to complete an institutional profile.

How much time will the profile take?

  • It depends on the institution and the degree to which international operations are monitored and centralized.  We know that we will need the following items from each institution:
    • A copy of your strategic plan (and international plan, if separate)
    • Any written policies on selecting and evaluating partners
    • An organizational chart for international programs and operations
    • Your job description

The institutional profile is due one month prior to the beginning of the institute. Is this deadline flexible?

  • Yes, on a case-by-case basis.

What is the time commitment required for the CAO?

  • We expect your immediate supervisor (usually the CAO) to support the completion of your institutional profile and to participate in the take-home project. Most applicants will be able to complete the profile on their own, but some may need their supervisor to help them get access to important information. Because the take-home project will be customized for each institution, it is difficult to be specific, but we do expect supervisors to be active participants in the project.

What kind of assistant/mentoring will be available for the take-home project?

  • In addition to feedback at the completion of the take-home project, we are planning to check in with participants as they approach key milestones in their project.

What is the deadline for the take-home project?

  • Flexible, to be negotiated with each participant and their supervisor.

When should I arrive?

  • Plan to arrive no later than 3:00 pm on Sunday, June 10th.

Can I arrive late or leave early?

  • We prefer to have everyone in place for all three days, but we will consider exceptions. Please indicate this in your application, otherwise we will assume that you will be available for all three days.

Can spouses/partners accompany me at any of the meals?

  • No. All meals, except Monday evening dinner (on your own), are served while we are in session.

Will we have any free time to explore the area outside of the program?

  • Yes. We have no events scheduled after 5:00 pm on Monday, June 10th.

What if I can’t attend? Are there other opportunities similar to the ILI?

  • Yes. There are several professional development opportunities offered by ACE. For upcoming programs, please see our website at

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