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An Overview of Higher Education in the United States: Diversity, Access, and the Role of the Marketplace

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An Overview of Higher Education in the United States: Diversity, Access, and the Role of the Marketplace

November 10, 2004

​This publication describes the major characteristics of American higher education and important issues that challenge it, linking back as appropriate to essential philosophical underpinnings of American higher education history.

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    Getting It Done: How Colleges and Universities Are Successfully Boosting Attainment Rates

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    Attainment = Retention

    Attainment isn’t something that just happens on a stage with gowns and embossed pieces of paper. It’s made out of individual one-on-one intensive academic counseling sessions. It’s built out of summer days spent acclimating to the rigor of postsecondary academic work. It’s about enrolling a diverse class of young students from a wide variety of backgrounds and making it our priority to support them every step of the way to graduation day.

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    How to Graduate on Time

    Two years ago, Georgia Regents University faced a daunting attainment problem: Its six-year graduation rate was just over 25 percent. Two years later, that rate has jumped by about 7 percentage points, and it’s still climbing.

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    Perspective: Three Things Presidents Need to Know About Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

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