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Internationalization in Action

December 30, 1899


As part of the efforts of the American Council on Education's (ACE) Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE) to provide guidance to institutions engaged in internationalization, Internationalization in Action features institutional strategies and good practices gathered from participants in CIGE programs and other experts in the field. Topics rotate regularly, and each installment includes examples, sample documents, and advice from a variety of institutions. We welcome your contributions!

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International Partnerships: A Four-Part Series
Part Two: Strategic Planning (PDF) 1MB

Written by: Shawn Conner-Rondot, Associate Director, International Partnerships, Indiana University
With contributions by: Lucia Brajkovic, Senior Research Specialist, ACE
Edited by Robin Matross Helms, Director for Internationalization and Global Engagement, ACE

This installment of Internationalization in Action is the second in a four-part series on developing and implementing international partnerships. The first installment, Definitions and Dimensions, presented a broad overview of partnership types in order to set the stage for deeper discussion of how such relationships play out in practice. Here, we turn our attention to the campus level, and focus on institution-level strategic planning for partnership activity.

Previous Installments

All previous installments of Internationalization in Action are listed and hyperlinked below.

International Partnerships
International higher education partnerships are increasing in number, and expanding in the goals they address and forms they take. This four-part series explores the nature and practice of international partnerships, and the institutional planning and support necessary for their success.


Internationalization in Action - Special Edition 
This special edition of Internationalization in Action features insights and examples from the ACE-SUNY COIL Center Internationalization Through Technology Awards.


Internationalizing the Co-curriculum
In tandem with the curriculum, the co-curriculum provides an array of opportunities to foster student global learning. This three-part series highlights internationally-focused programs, events, and services offered by student affairs professionals and other units on campus.

Internationalizing the Curriculum
For many institutions, student learning is – and should be – at the heart of internationalization. This four-part series explores how colleges and universities can bring a global dimension to all levels of the curriculum. 

Engaging Faculty in Internationalization
As the drivers of teaching and research on campus, faculty play a pivotal role in internationalization. This two-part series examines strategies for engaging faculty in the internationalization process, and includes examples of relevant policies, professional development programs, and other types of support.


The Internationalization Committee
This inaugural installment of Internationalization in Action outlines steps for establishing and running a successful internationalization committee, which is a key mechanism for advancing internationalization at many institutions.


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