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Leading Internationalization

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Leading Internationalization

  • For internationalization to succeed, commitment and engagement by top institutional leaders is crucial. The president sets internationalization as a priority and marshals resources.  The “senior international officer” works with faculty and staff to translate leaders’ broad vision for internationalization into programs and initiatives.
  • Administrative leadership, structure, and staffing is a component of the CIGE Model for Comprehensive Internationalization. The resources on this page provide information and guidance in this area.

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    Mapping report

    ACE Releases Signature Mapping Internationalization on U.S. Campuses Report

    According to the latest edition of the report, internationalization is continuing to gain traction among U.S. colleges and universities, with nearly three-quarters of institutions reporting that it has accelerated on their campuses in recent years.

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    Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement

    ACE's Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE) provides in-depth analysis of critical international education issues and administers programs and services to support higher education institutions' internationalization and global engagement strategies.

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    Executive Forum for Leading Internationalization

    The Executive Forum for Leading Internationalization is an annual meeting of college and university presidents, chief academic officers, and senior international officers to explore strategies for advancing international education.

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    The Internationalization Collaborative

    The Internationalization Collaborative serves as a learning community that provides a forum for faculty and administrators to share ideas and help each other in furthering their international agendas. Members share information about institutional strategies and outcomes and key issues that need further research and advocacy.

  • International Briefs for Higher Education Leaders

    International Briefs for Higher Education Leaders

    Developed in partnership with the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) at Boston College (MA), International Briefs for Higher Education Leaders will consist of two releases per year. The first will focus on a specific country and the second will focus on one aspect of global engagement.

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    Internationalization in Action

    Strategies and good practices for engaging faculty in internationalization, gathered from participants in CIGE programs and other experts in the field. Examples, sample documents, and advice from a variety of institutions are included in this feature.

  • Internationalization in Action: The Internationalization Committee - Strategies for Success

    Drawing on the experiences of participants in ACE's Internationalization Laboratory program and other institutions, this installment of Internationalization in Action helps institutions maximize the effectiveness of internationalization committees as they develop plans and advise senior leadership on strategy and implementation.

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ACE Related Programs and Initiatives

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Institute for Leading Internationalization

The Institute is designed to improve the effectiveness of anyone who has a critical role in advancing internationalization on their campus.