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  • Security and Crisis Management

    October 18, 2012

    WEBINAR: The General Counsel’s Role in Dealing With High-Profile Campus Incidents

    The general counsel’s office plays a central role in managing high-profile incidents on campus, both in ensuring institutional preparedness and guiding institutional response.

  • Security and Crisis Management

    Oars leaned up against a tree

    Communicating in Times of Crisis

    Navigating scandal or tragedy requires a lot of moving parts. Don't create your blueprint without scrolling through this checklist.

  • Security and Crisis Management

    From Our President: Thinking About Crises Before They Happen

    ACE President Molly Corbett Broad discusses the demands of leading a college or university and the need to prepare for crises.

  • Security and Crisis Management

    A man sitting alone in stadium seating

    Handling Hazing

    It's a problem nearly as old as higher education itself. A national expert weighs in on how to manage a hazing incident or, better yet, stop one before it starts.

  • Law and the Courts

    Legal Watch: Crisis on Campus: What You Need to Know for Compliance

    What does the law tell university leaders about how to handle a crisis?

  • Global Higher Education

    Legal Watch: Opening Doors to Haitian Students

    The recent earthquake disaster in Haiti provides an opportunity to rebuild the nation's higher education system by bringing qualified Haitian students to the United States.

  • Security and Crisis Management

    Business people talking at a conference table

    Lessons from Crises

    Some crises can catch even insurance firms by surprise. These quick tips from the front lines of risk management can help you see around the corner.

  • Security and Crisis Management

    People laying flowers out at a memorial

    Moving Forward Without Moving On: Crisis Recovery After Mass Tragedy

    Five years after its mass shooting, Virginia Tech is still healing. Campus leaders reveal how the university emerged stronger—and smarter—than ever.

  • Security and Crisis Management

    Myth: College Campuses Are Unsafe

    Tragedies on college and university campuses create headlines questioning the security of these institutions. However, many data contradict the perceptions these splashy sound bites engender.

  • Up Front: Spring 2010

    ACE and the College Board Collaborate on Access and Diversity; Faculty-Board Engagement Proves Effective; Behind the Scenes of Gender Equity: 2010; New Threat Assessment Guide for Campuses; Patching America’s Leaky Pipeline: Women in Sciences;...