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  • College Credit for Military Service

    ACE Credit Recommendations

    You may have ACE college credit recommendations from your military experiences and training. This guide will show you how to use those credit recommendations.

  • Faculty Evaluators

    Three evaluators at a table

    Faculty Evaluators - Home Page

    ACE review teams embrace the philosophy that what an individual learns is more important than when, where, and how the individual learned it. An ACE evaluation is a rigorous, hands-on process conducted by a team of teaching faculty from relevant...

  • Military Evaluations

    How to Prepare for an ACE Military Review

    These instructions are designed to assist military training schoolhouses in planning for and hosting successful American Council on Education reviews.

  • Military Evaluations

    Military Review Resources

    Resources to help military schoolhouses prepare for ACE military reviews.

  • Military Evaluations

    Military Virtual Reviews

    How to prepare for an ACE virtual course review.

  • Military Evaluations

    Military Occupation Reviews

    How to prepare for a military occupation review.

  • Military Evaluations

    Military Course Reviews

    How to prepare for an ACE military course review.

  • Faculty Evaluators

    Three reviewers sitting at a table

    Occupation Reviews - Military Only

    Occupation Reviews evaluate formal military training programs to determine if they meet college-level credit standards and make recommendations accordingly.

  • Up Front: Fall 2010

    On-Campus Leadership Development Toolkit Launch; Supporting Internationalization at Historically Black Colleges and Universities; ACE’s Veteran Success Jam; Building the ‘Sound Bite’ University to Gain Media Exposure



    Employers and Organizations

    If your organization offers courses designed to expand and improve the knowledge base and skill sets of your employees or members, then you should learn more about the ACE College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT). Participants in your programs...