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  • Military Evaluations

    Military Course Reviews

    How to prepare for an ACE military course review.

  • Up Front: Fall 2010

    On-Campus Leadership Development Toolkit Launch; Supporting Internationalization at Historically Black Colleges and Universities; ACE’s Veteran Success Jam; Building the ‘Sound Bite’ University to Gain Media Exposure



    Employers and Organizations

    If your organization offers courses designed to expand and improve the knowledge base and skill sets of your employees or members, then you should learn more about the ACE College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT). Participants in your programs...

  • Faculty Evaluators

    Faculty Evaluator Travel Policies

    Information on making travel arrangements, conducting the evaluation and filing travel reimbursement forms.

  • Faculty Evaluators

    Faculty Evaluator Testimonials

    If you are actively teaching college-level courses and are receptive to recommending academic credit for learning in an extra-institutional setting, we invite you to join our pool of faculty evaluators. Here are a few testimonials from our team...

  • College Credit for Military Service

    Military Guide Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to frequently asked questions about the Military Guide.

  • College Credit for Military Service

    Military Guide graphic

    Military Guide

    The ACE Military Guide presents ACE recommendations for formal courses and occupations offered by all branches of the military. All recommendations are based on ACE reviews conducted by college and university faculty members who are actively...

  • College Credit for Military Service

    Young man with laptop

    Transcripts for Military Personnel

    ACE provides quality assurance and policy guidance for the Joint Services Transcript (JST) used by the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard. More than 2,300 colleges and universities recognize these transcripts as official documentation of...

  • College Credit for Military Service

    A soldier wearing camo, holding books

    Transfer Guide: College and University Transfer Policies

    Transfer credit refers to credit a college or university grants for prior learning. Each educational institution makes its own decisions about accepting transfer credit.

  • College Credit for Military Service

    A soldier wearing camo, holding books

    Transfer Guide: Transfer Credit Checklist

    A number of factors affect transfer of military credit, such as institutional policy, alignment with appropriate courses, procedures, requirements, and transfer application deadlines. This checklist will help you transfer credit to a new institution.