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HEADLINES: Today's Top Higher Education News

November 20, 2017



In today’s headlines, there is continuing coverage of the GOP tax bill and its potential impact on higher education: Grinnell College President Raynard Kington tells NPR a proposed tax on private college endowments would “take dollars away from students;” The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the House bill’s negative impact on graduate students; and The Washington Post explores whether the tax bill reflects a rift between many Republicans and higher education. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports that bipartisan negotiations to reach a legislative fix to protect Dreamers have stalled. See these and more stories below.

To Tax Or Not To Tax University Endowments
NPR (Nov. 19, 2017)

How the House GOP Tax Plan Would Affect Grad Students
The Chronicle of Higher Education (Nov. 17, 2017)

Tax Bill Reflects Rift Between Many Republicans and Higher Education
The Washington Post (Nov. 19, 2017)

DACA Negotiations Slow as Trump Demands More Than Democrats Will Give
The Los Angeles Times (Nov. 17, 2017)

Are Colleges Preparing Students for the Automated Future of Work?
The Washington Post (Nov. 17, 2017)

Bounty of Promise Programs in California​
Inside Higher Ed (Nov. 20, 2017)


Headlines from the Past Week 

Friday, Nov. 17

In Friday's headlines, there was coverage of the passage of the House GOP tax bill, including a report on a government analysis showing it would increase the cost of college by $71 billion over a decade, and a Washington Post editorial characterizing the bill as an “assault on higher education.” In other news, The Chronicle of Higher Education looks at career education, including ACE’s involvement in a cooperative venture with Northwestern University (IL) and General Electric.

Thursday, Nov. 16

In Thursday's headlines, there was more coverage of how colleges, students, and families could be affected by the Republican House and Senate tax bills and how the higher education community is responding to the legislative proposals.

Wednesday, Nov. 15

In today’s headlines, Reuters covers the higher education community letter on the Senate Republican tax bill, noting that it calls the proposal to tax private college endowments “fundamentally flawed.” In other news, Williams College (MA) President Adam Falk writes in The Washington Post about what he sees as the real threats in the debate over free speech on campus. See these and more stories below.

Tuesday, Nov. 14

Inside Higher Ed reports that the Minnesota State system has unveiled four transfer pathways to better help students transition within any of the system’s 30 two-year institutions and seven public universities. In other news, The Chronicle of Higher Education​ looks at a Duke University (NC) program to steer more women into the technology industry.

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