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Women's Leadership Legacy Fund

December 30, 1899


Perhaps the greatest gift success can give us is the opportunity to give back. As you know, women leaders in higher education make a difference every day. Your contribution to the Women's Leadership Legacy Fund helps ensure that future generations not only have the same chance to succeed, but can continue to build on the progress of the present.
The Need
There are far too few women in academic presidencies, senior administrative positions, and senior faculty positions. Currently 56.7% of our undergraduate population is female, and colleges and universities need more women in senior positions to serve as mentors and role models.
Higher education institutions typically do not offer advancement programming, relying instead on outside programs to prepare administrators for advancement. Though these programs can be very effective, most do not focus on cultivating women leaders. Higher education, and society as a whole, must take steps to develop and promote talented women who bring unique and diverse perspectives to the leadership ranks. Higher education will benefit from having a balanced representation of women in senior leadership positions. 
What Your Contribution Will Fund

  • The Emily Taylor Scholarships enable emerging and advancing women academic leaders to attend professional development events.
  • Support grants help women in academe participate in professional development and gain access to opportunities for emerging and advancing academic leaders.

To donate to the fund, please visit the Women's Leadership Legacy Fund Donation Form. 

Please contact the or call 202-939-9376 for more information.

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To donate to the fund, please continue by making a tax-deductible donation online!


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