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Faculty Evaluator Testimonials

December 30, 1899


Join Our Faculty Evaluator Team!

If you are actively teaching college-level courses and are receptive to recommending academic credit for learning in an extra-institutional setting, we invite you to join our pool of faculty evaluators. Program benefits include:

  • Networking and collaborating with peers
  • Opportunity for fun, adventure, and travel
  • Service to community
  • Financial compensation
  • Helping students complete degrees
  • Promoting consistency in awarding credit and aligning degree programs at academic institutions

Here's what some of our current evaluators have to say about their experiences.

Testimonials from the Field

Robert Dawkins"Serving as a faculty evaluator for the American Council on Education (ACE) is both an honor and a privilege. As someone who personally benefited from ACE recommendations as a young Sailor, I was compelled to serve. Upon completing my first review, I was overwhelmed with the professionalism, academic rigor and high ethical standards of an ACE review team. The credit recommendations derived from an ACE review are critically reviewed and measured against the same standards expected from accredited learning institutions across the country. Working in a team with other professors from colleges and universities across the nation benefited my professional development in seeing how new courses and programs are being developed (and offered-many in a blended learning environment) to answer the needs of the public and private sectors. It is a great networking opportunity. As I participated in more reviews I enjoyed seeing how organizations improve both their academic materials and learning assessments over the years to parallel courses provide by learning institutions; some of which surpass requirements for college courses I have developed and teach for the American Military University. I strongly urge any professor to heed the call if the ACE team requests his/her time. ACE participation should be on every college professor's bucket list!"

Robert Dawkins, Associate Professor, American Military University

Juan Henriquez"I feel privileged and honored to be a part of the American Council on Education (ACE) knowing that the work we do as evaluators will help our military with access opportunities to higher education.  My years of association with ACE have allowed me to better understand the sacrifices of our military and to also see first-hand the excellence in training our armed forces provide.  Bridging the gap between the military training and the world of civilian higher education has also provided me the opportunity to work with excellent (ex-military and non-military) members of academia from around the country.  The high academic standards set out by ACE and the help and coordination provided by their excellent professional staff makes the entire evaluation process a most rewarding experience."

Juan Henriquez, Director of Academic Computing, University of New Orleans

Brien Walton"After signing up to be a faculty evaluator in 2010, I did not know what to expect on my first review, but I was definitely surprised at how much I learned from my team, which consisted of faculty members from schools of varied sizes, concentrations, and geographic locations. We were a "team" from the moment we shook hands, we got to know each other during 2 days of sharing insights into how our respective schools would rate the curriculum, and several of us parted on the second day as friends I still stay in touch with on a regular basis. I have enjoyed the process so much over the past 3 years that I am now a national coordinator for ACE - leading the faculty teams.

I believe that any faculty member can benefit from being part of an ACE team, and ACE provides a unique opportunity to fully utilize your training as an educator and professional, and you will also learn ways to facilitate the academic initiatives at your place of work. Also important for me is that I know I am making a real contribution to the quality of education that our business and military leaders receive, and for any instructor who has witnessed a student have a "Eureka!" moment - that is what it often feels like to work on an ACE review."

Brien Walton, Instructor, University of California - Berkeley

George Boulware"Being an ACE faculty evaluator for military programs is a rewarding endeavor, especially when I see how it helps the service members further their education. I also get to work with faculty members from around the country."


George Boulware, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, Lipscomb University

Dawn Garzon"As an ACE reviewer, I have had the pleasure of working with interdisciplinary experts who challenge me to be a better educator. It provides me with additional experience in adult learning evaluation and this has changed the way I work with and assess adult learners. I particularly enjoy working on military evaluations. It is an honor to review the high-level education our men and women in the military receive and it is a joy to be able to do something to help them when they leave the service."

Dawn Garzon, Professor of Nursing, University of Missouri- St. Louis

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