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CPRS Viewpoints: Voices from the Field

December 30, 1899


ACE Center for Policy Research and Strategy's Viewpoints: Voices from the Field is a series of occasional, independent papers authored by leading social science researchers designed to explore new and emergent concepts or revisit foundational works in ways that help readers reframe or retool their thinking about higher education policy and practice.



Bringing Accountability to Life: How Savvy Data Users Find the "Actionable N" to Improve Equity and Sustainability in Higher Education​

​In the fourth brief of the CPRS Viewpoints series, authors Alicia C. Dowd, Keith Witham, Debbie Hanson, Cheryl D. Ching, Román Liera, and Marlon Fernandez Castro, provide a humanistic perspective on data-informed decision making in higher education. The brief identifies and celebrates the many ways savvy data users in institutions of higher education are helping college students navigate barriers to academic success and—even more importantly—taking steps to remove those barriers.

Shared Leadership in Higher Education: Important Lessons from Research and Practice

In the third brief of the CPRS Viewpoints series, authors Adrianna Kezar and Elizabeth Holcombe of the University of Southern California argue that shared leadership consistently emerges as a key factor for organizations that were best able to learn, innovate, perform and adapt to the types of external challenges that campuses now face. 


The Texas Education Consortium for Male Students of Color: Cross-Sector Collaboration as a Model for Improving Educational Outcomes

In the second brief of the CPRS Viewpoints series, authors Victor Sáenz (The University of Texas at Austin) and Luis Ponjuán (Texas A&M University) provide a “Blueprint for Action” with key principles for action steps that educators and leaders can take to support Black and Latino boys and young men in secondary and postsecondary institutions.


Education Deserts: The Continued Significance of "Place" in the Twenty-First Century 

In the first brief of the CPRS Viewpoints series, authors Nicholas Hillman and Taylor Weichman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison explore the importance of place, raising important questions about how geography shapes educational equity and opportunity.

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