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Types of CREDIT Reviews: Course Reviews

December 30, 1899


For more than 40 years, colleges and universities have trusted the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT®) to provide reliable course equivalency information to facilitate their decisions to award academic credit.

More than 2,000 colleges and universities are part of ACE's College and University Network and consider CREDIT recommendations in determining the applicability of coursework and examination results to their courses and degree programs.

The CREDIT Course Review is the most widely used course evaluation program and stresses academically sound methods. We have a thorough process that closely evaluates training programs, certifications, apprenticeships, and examinations to determine eligibility for college credit.

Our reviews are carried out by experienced college and university faculty who assess the content, scope and rigor of an organization’s  training programs, courses or examinations and make appropriate recommendations for comparable college credit. Find out more about our faculty evaluators here: ACE Faculty Evaluators.

The CREDIT Review Process:

If you are considering a CREDIT review for your organization, and would like us to determine your eligibility to participate, please let us know more about your organization and offerings by filling out our request for information form

Determining Eligibility and completing the CREDIT onboarding process is done in five easy steps. Representatives from ACE’s Corporate Alliance and CREDIT Evaluations teams work hand in hand with each organization to support them and answer questions during this stage.  

1. Determine Eligibility to Participate

CREDIT’s Criteria of Eligibility is used to determine whether an organization’s educational program is compatible with CREDIT standards. Organizations are required to demonstrate that they continue to meet the eligibility criteria in order to maintain participation in the program every three years.  

2. Consul​tation​ with CREDIT Corporate Alliance Representative

CREDIT‘s Corporate Alliance team will contact you to schedule a consultation to discuss your organization’s eligibility.  During the consultation, ACE staff will confirm eligibility and obtain any additional information required to move forward with the application process.

3. Application Package & Review Readiness Fee

Submit your review application package, along with your Review Readiness Fee to our Corporate Alliance team.​

4. Eligibility Visit/Call

Prior to scheduling an evaluation, each organization must participate in an Eligibility meeting to verify courses are prepared for an CREDIT Review. This is usually conducted at the organization’s headquarters and is led by ACE staff over a half-day.  ACE staff will work with the organization to establish dates for the meeting. 

Once eligibility is confirmed, the organization is ready to undergo a review. 

5. Submit the Statement of Work

CREDIT will review the submitted Course Data Forms to determine course alignment to academic disciplines and identify the number of evaluators required for a review. You will receive a written response in the form of a Statement of Work. The Statement of Work will include a summary of costs, list of the courses for review, and an explanation of ACE’s General Provisions. 

When you submit the required forms and fees, we will finalize your review dates and host your review.

After your review is complete, we will submit a final report and then publish the results to ACE National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training.

For more information about our credit course reviews, contact us at or 202-939-9494.​

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