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Chief Academic Officer and Chief Business Officer Workshop

At no time has the relationship between the chief academic officer (CAO) and the chief business officer (CBO) mattered more to the effective leadership of colleges and universities.

This annual 2-day workshop for CAOs, CBOs, CFOs and Provosts takes place in the summer. 

Together,​ a CAO and CBO must develop a clear strategy and be effective in its execution. They must also seek ways to align budgets with strategic priorities and to fund innovations. To help better understand and support this important relationship, ACE and the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO) bring together teams of CAOs and CBOs for an annual, 2-day workshop to address how to build effective partnerships.

The workshop focuses on:
  • Exploring and strengthening the dynamics between CAOs and CBOs and their president.
  • Identifying strategies that build relationships and improve goal achievement within the institution.
  • Employing approaches that encourage strategic communication.
  • Developing a shared action agenda.
  • Recognizing and finding solutions to challenging problems CAOs and CBOs face individually and collectively.
Additional Information:

Questions? Contact us at or 202-939-9728.



 Sponsors and Supporters


ACE is grateful to these organizations for supporting the Chief Academic Officer-Chief Business Officer Workshop.

Huron Consulting Group TIAA

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