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Institutional Leadership Group

The Institutional Leadership Group is focused on programs, research and resources that assist senior leaders in improving institutional effectiveness.

The broad, challenging issues facing colleges and universities today require current senior leaders to be knowledgeable, have perspective and acquire skills to lead the structural and cultural changes necessary to strengthen institutional momentum.

The Institutional Leadership Group provides high-quality integrated services to assist higher education systems, as well as individual colleges and universities, with building capacity and advancing their missions. We create custom-designed, solution-oriented services which draw upon all of ACE's considerable expertise to implement initiatives in areas of special institutional concern, ranging from strategic planning and change management to faculty career flexibility.

Implementing structural and cultural changes requires special workshops and training for mid-level administrators and key faculty committee members to keep progress on track. Any critical challenge, such as creating flexible faculty career options, demonstrates the need for this education and why it is critical to creating sustainability of this transformation. 

We seek to provide essential support services to member institutions, as well as non-member institutions, in alignment with the mission and goals of ACE. 

Alfred P. Sloan Projects for Faculty Career Flexibility

This series of projects highlights and rewards institutions that effectively recruit, retain, and advance faculty in their careers as a means of developing institutional capacity. Recent programs include efforts to create smooth transitions into retirement for faculty. Working with pilot institutions and systems to understand their challenges, strategies and policies occurs through invitational conferences, awards programs, and presentations at national meetings. In addition, an online toolkit compiles and links to proven practices which other colleges and universities can replicate for institutional effectiveness. 

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National Challenge for Higher Education

This campaign will select 10 coalition partners to act as an advisory board and as advocates in advancing the national agenda for creating workplace flexibility for faculty. These partners will recruit presidential champions and together both groups will promulgate best practices at their own institutions, spread awareness of the importance of flexibility and encourage their colleagues to adopt similar strategies to change the culture to one of acceptance and unbiased usage of flexibility in the academy.

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Institutional Leadership Services

ACE offers custom-designed, solution-oriented services including policy development and impact assessment, climate surveys, leadership development, and institutional transformation. Specialty areas include evaluations and metrics to assess the current status of workplace flexibility and to develop ways to enhance the careers of faculty, resulting in retention and increased institutional effectiveness.

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Institutional Leadership Group