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Budgets and Endowments

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Budgets and Endowments

  • Managing a campus budget reaches into every department at an institution and includes a diverse range of sub-issues, including planning, accountability and governance, debt management, student financial aid, tax policy and endowment management. Sustaining economic viability is a continual struggle for most colleges and universities, especially in the current climate of declining state support for public institutions. Both public and particularly private institutions also are impacted by changes in endowment returns and policy. Data show that institutional endowments are now on an upswing after several years of decline during the recent recession.

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    December 10, 2014

    Understanding College and University Endowments

    A new ACE publication outlines the importance of these funds in helping institutions support their educational missions and answers frequently asked questions about their purpose and use.

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    June 9, 2009

    Faculty in Times of Financial Distress

    A paper discussing a last resort to alleviate severe financial difficulty for most institutions—the layoff of faculty members. The paper covers the role of faculty in institutional budget matters and the process of terminating faculty positions on grounds of financial need.