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  • Recent advances in technology have dramatically changed the delivery of higher education. New innovations are helping institutions promote access to higher education and educational success in new and different ways. Campus leaders are constantly seeking ways to better incorporate technology into education, both in and out of the classroom. ACE offers resources to help colleges and universities better leverage technology, develop and implement new models and stay on top of broader trends.

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  • Legal Watch: Policing the Social Network

    A discussion of internet issues as well as strategies colleges and universities may consider when contemplating how to deal with social media on their campuses.

  • Article

    The New Space Race: Global Sustainability

    Has the nation reached another Sputnik-era crossroads? Genshaft asserts that it has, and this time, it's the challenge to create sustainable practices, technologies, and systems that must be met before it's too late.

  • Document

    Distributed Education: Summary of a Six-Part Series

    This report, Distributed Education: Summary of a Six-Part Series, consists of an executive summary of each of the six monographs on distributed education commissioned by the American Council on Education (ACE) and EDUCAUSE. This publication provides readers a brief overview of each of the six invited papers, which cover a variety of topics related to distributed education: the contemporary context of distributed education, self-regulation, the importance of institutional leadership, among others.

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