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ACE State Network Leadership Award

The award recognizes an outstanding, innovative, and visionary program sponsored by an ACE State Network or by a college or university.

​The ACE State Network Leadership Award for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education recognizes an outstanding and innovative program, sponsored by a ACE State Network or by a college or university that helped advance or support women or women's issues in higher education.

The award will be presented during the State Network Coordinator's Reception on March 12, 2016 during the 98th ACE Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Nominations for the ACE State Network Leadership Award will be accepted soon. Please check the ACE website periodically for updates.​

2015  Virginia Tech’s Women's Leadership and Mentoring Program (WLMP)

2014  University of Alabama's Graduate Parents Support (GPS) program 

2013  BRIDGES Academic Leadership for Women
2012  Asilomar Leadership Skills Seminar: Community College League of California (CCLC)​
2011  ​​​University of California at San Francisco's Diversity Pipeline Initiative, Leadership Conference
2010​ ​​​ New Jersey State Network's annual "Women of Color" Conference
2009  ​​​North Dakota State University Focus on Resources for Women's Advancement, Recruitment/Retention and Development (FORWARD) Program
2008 ​University of Kentucky, Circles of Power: A Leadership Program for Women Faculty
2006​  ​​Virginia State Network Senior Leadership Seminar
2005​​  Michigan State Network
2004  ​Inland Northwest Women in Higher Education Roundtable (WHER)

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ACE State Network Leadership Award

(Left to right: Connie Gores, President, Southwest Minnesota State University and chair of the ACE Women's Network; ​Anna F. LoMascolo, Co-Director, Programming, Women's Center at Virginia Tech; and Kim Bobby, Director of ACE's Inclusive Excellence Group.)​