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The Last Word: Winter 2015



“I didn’t ask the Board of Trustees if I could do it. I didn’t ask the faculty. I just did it. I was the president of the college!”

—EARL DANIELEY, president emeritus of Elon University (NC), on his decision to make SAT scores a requirement for admission by 1960, as reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

“A form of protest whose aim is to silence a voice rather the Lhan engage it has no place at our colleges and universities.”

—KATHLEEN MCCARTNEY, president of Smith College (MA), in an opinion piece published by CNN.

“It’s not that we need to make women more productive. It’s that we need to change the processes.”

—KATE WEISSHAAR, a graduate student at Stanford University (CA), who compared tenure rates at research universities in computer science, English, and sociology, as quoted in Inside Higher Ed.

“There’s nothing universities can do about the broader weakness in the labor market.”

—HEIDI S. SHIERHOLZ, chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor, discussing the unemployment rate for workers under 25 in The Chronicle of Higher Education.
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