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By the Numbers: Facts of Student Life



With all the perceptions of students and student life that have been overflowing from the news in recent months, it seems wise to ground opinions with some statistics. The following percentages represent a series of snapshots of student engagement on campus.

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* National Survey of Student Engagement. 2014. Bringing the Institution Into Focus: Annual Results 2014. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research.
** Center for Community College Student Engagement. 2015. Community College Survey of Student Engagement. Austin, TX: The University of Texas at Austin.
*** Eagan, Kevin, Ellen Bara Stolzenberg, Joseph J. Ramirez, Melissa C. Aragon, Maria Ramirez Suchard, and Sylvia Hurtado. The American Freshman: National Norms, Fall 2014. Los Angeles, CA: Higher Education Research Institute, University of California, Los Angeles.

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