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The Presidency

Spring 2012

On The Cover

Carol T. Christ

A fair number of misperceptions about higher education frequently seem to pop up, and linger, in the national discourse. In this issue, experts from inside and outside higher education shine their spotlights on 10 of the most persistent myths, to dispel them once and for all. ​ Our first story examines the myth that a liberal arts education is becoming irrelevant. Judging the value of a liberal arts education, even with a purely economic calculus, shows it to be more relevant than ever before.



  • From Our President: Separating Fact from Fiction in Higher Education

    With the burden of the cost of college shifting more to students and their families, the value of a college education is increasingly being questioned not only by the public, but also policymakers.

  • Legal Watch: Political Activity on Campus

    In this election year, rules governing political activity on campus should be top of mind.

  • Up Front: Spring 2012

    Open Educational Resources: A Cost-Effective Solution for Course Materials; Community-College Study Asks, What Helps Students Graduate?; College Endowments See Gains in 2011, but Not Enough; Historically Black Colleges and Universities Television Network Launched in March; Online College Students Should Start Smaller, Research Finds.