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Academic Review Task Force

December 30, 1899


In Spring of 2014, at the request of the American Council on Education, an Academic Review Task Force was convened to review the ACE College Credit Recommendation Service. 

The charge of the Task Force was to review the policies and procedures governing the ACE College Credit Recommendation Service (military and non-military) and to recommend any changes or improvement with the following 3 goals:

  1. Provide quality control by external evaluators
  2. Offer greater transparency to ACE's processes
  3. Increase the understanding and acceptance of ACE credit recommendations

Members of the Task Force came from a range of higher educational institutions, educational associations, accreditation organizations, and industries that have experience with credit for prior learning. 

About the Process 

During the review process, Task Force members reviewed documents and data reflecting current criteria, policies, and procedures for the credit recommendation process, met in-person with each other and with ACE staff, submitted written feedback, and participated in conference calls. After reviewing data and current policies and procedures, the Task Force voted and approved its final report with the following comments: 

  • ACE is to be commended for the quality of its criteria, processes, and procedures and for being a leader in providing a means for students to obtain valid academic credit for formal learning that did not occur in a college or university setting, including military occupational analyses. In particular, Task Force members commented favorably on the following practices:
    • The ACE course evaluation process currently exercises a high level of rigor that can be said to be at least comparable to how most institutions evaluate the quality of their own new courses.
    • The ACE evaluation process has been a leader in its focus on student learning outcomes as a cornerstone of its review process and should continue to emphasize this approach.
    • The faculty-driven review model elevates the quality of the final recommendations and supports potential acceptance by institutions of ACE credit recommendations as transfer credit.
    • ACE is adept at creating teams of evaluators, faculty, teaching experts, and occasionally non-faculty content specialists that are matched to the content and format of the specific course being evaluated.


    Read the letter and recommendations of the Task Force (PDF)

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